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The Universal Peace Conference 2024

Join us for the UPC 2024 (postponed).

The Universal Peace Conference is a free, exclusive gathering, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs to collectively contribute their wisdom and experiences toward universal peace and prosperity. Our mission is unity among religions, yoga, spirituality, science, and technology, envisioning a world of peace, harmony, and brotherhood both on Earth and beyond.

We are planning running -sessions scheduled from 5 pm to 10 pm (Indian Standard Time, IST). All discussions and presentations will be conducted in English and most talks will be short 10 min high-quality presentations. Each day finishes with a 60-minute panel discussion between the speakers of the day. 

Each day is dedicated to a specific theme:

Day 1: Self-Healing and Empowerment

Day 2: Community for Peace

Day 3: Unification of Religions

We are currently in the process of refining the schedule, and themes and confirming our lineup of speakers. Stay tuned as this page will be continuously updated with the latest information

Confirmed Speakers:

Nicolas Xuan Vinter 

Prashant Bhatt 

Julie Gerland

François Gerland

Confirmed Artists:

Michaela Christiana Wiegele

Tiyasa Sardar


Axel Johansson

Jonathan Charpentier

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Replay Last Year’s Conference

In March 2023, international guests came to share their expert knowledge on: ancient yogic sciences, modern world issues, family and relationships, and successful education blueprint, alongside various cultural programs.

You can check out all video recordings from the Universal Peace Conference 2023 on this page.