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Get an effective and quick method for stable spiritual growth and health benefits. Sunyoga is an ancient yogic technique. It is now available to use in our everyday modern life. The technique is exactly as Mahavatar Babaji directly taught it to Sunyogi Umasankar. Please share your email now so we will send you information about how to learn Sunyoga.

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The Origin of Sunyoga

One early morning in 1995, Sunyogi Umasankar went to the seashore in Pondicherry. As he started his meditation, he became attracted to the reflection of the Sun in the seawater and had an enlightening experience. He then looked directly into the Sun and was surprised the energy he received from the Sun made him free from food and water. This was the discovery of Sunyoga.

In 2007 Sunyogi met Mahavatar Babaji for the first time. He came to know Babaji had been guiding him silently throughout his life. The method of Sunyoga has been given to humanity by the grace of Mahavatar Babaji to strengthen us and provide us with peace within and among ourselves. (IAST: Mahāvatāra Bābājī; literally; Great Avatar [Revered] Father or Elder or Wise One) (Source: Wikipedia)

Sunyogi mahavatar babaji painting
Original Art by Santosh Gotipamul

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