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Register for Universal Peace Conference 2023

The UPC 2023 will take place on March 24-26, 2023

Universal Peace Conference is a free event, open for people from all different backgrounds and religions to share their knowledge and experience to help humanity for peace and prosperity. We strive for unity in religions, yoga, spirituality, science, and technology to create harmony and brotherhood on Earth.The 3 main themes of the Universal Peace Conference of 2023 are:
  • Ancient Yogic Sciences
  • Modern World Issues
  • Successful Education Blueprint
The date of the event is confirmed: 24-26 March 2023 The hashtag for social media is #UPC2023We already have confirmation of participation from many distinguished speakers for the Universal Peace Conference of 2023:


D. R. KaarthikeyanSmita ChatterjeeSubasish AcharyaFrançois GerlandJulie GerlandTrilo Sunyogi Baba Shrestha (Trilobaba)Phil Lane Jr., Hereditary ChiefChristiana EltrayanMarie-Ginette LichèreMartin Pavlina


Trilo Sunyogi Baba Shrestha (Trilobaba)Michaela Christiana WiegeleJérôme Boujon


Dr. Vikas SaxenaJonathan CharpentierMeena BindalAxel Johansson

Call for Artists, Performers, and Speakers

CALL-ARTISTS-SPEAKERS-PERFORMERS-UPC2023We are searching for more exciting speakers and performers. If you know someone or would like to participate yourself, send us your request to: Contact Jonathan Charpentier or the event moderators listed above (Axel, Meena ma, Vikas)Jonathan’s phone: +1 (612) 670-2264 (USA mobile + WhatsApp)Email: sunyoga@jonathancharpentier.comLanguage: English, French, a little bit of German.

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Register to Universal Peace Conference 2023