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The Life of Sunyogi Umasankar: A Journey into Spiritual Enlightenment

Explore the extraordinary life and teachings of Sunyogi Umasankar, an authentic yogi rooted in the ancient Vedic tradition. Born on June 22, 1967, in the serene village of Lachhipur, West Bengal, India, Sunyogi’s life unfolds as a testament to spiritual wisdom and the transformative power of Sunyoga.

Authenticity in Yoga

In an era where yoga often succumbs to commercial interests, Sunyogi Umasankar stands as a rare beacon of authenticity. Devoting his life to studying the physical world and nature, Sunyogi embodies the true essence of a yogi—a scientist exploring spirituality through observation, experience, and self-experimentation.

Global Teacher of Sunyoga

Sunyogi travels across the globe, sharing the profound practice of Sunyoga and advocating universal peace. Beyond his role as a yogi, he is a skilled acupressure therapist, enriching lives through an ancient art that he imparts worldwide.

Birth and Philosophical Inquiry

Born on June 22, 1967, in Lachhipur, West Bengal, Sunyogi’s early life was marked by deep philosophical inquiries about the purpose of existence. His spiritual zeal was ignited, propelling him to seek answers beyond the conventional norms.

Educational Transition

Transitioning from a successful career as an electrical engineer and businessman, Sunyogi embraced the path of yoga. Initiated into Kriya Yoga by his mother, he embarked on a journey to Pondicherry ashram in 1995, focusing entirely on unraveling the mysteries of life.

Discovery of Sun Meditation

In 1995, a transformative moment occurred as Sunyogi meditated on the beach in Pondicherry. This marked the discovery of Sun Meditation, a practice involving direct gaze at the sun, leading to heightened vision and spiritual awareness.

Barefoot Pilgrimage Across India

Sunyogi Umasankar

Sunyogi on his 6-year barefoot walk around India, 2001.

Embarking on an extraordinary journey in 1997, Sunyogi initiated a six-year barefoot pilgrimage across India. This arduous yet enlightening expedition aimed to spread the message of universal peace and brotherhood, coupled with the teachings of Sunyoga.

Sunyogi walk map

Encounter with Mahavatar Babaji

Sunyogi Umasankar meets Mahavatar Babaji in the Himalayan mountains.

In December 2007, during a walking meditation in the Himalayas, Sunyogi had a profound encounter with Mahavatar Babaji—an immortal prophet known from the “Autobiography of a Yogi.” This encounter bestowed upon Sunyogi full enlightenment and the knowledge of Sunyoga.

Establishment of Universal Peace Centre

In 1998, Sunyogi, along with his mother Srimati Bimala Bal Bag, founded the Universal Peace Centre in Lachhipur, West Bengal. The center focuses on Sunyoga, organic cultivation, and promoting a self-sustaining and harmonious lifestyle.

Annual Peace Conference and Sunyoga Practice

Sunyogi initiated an annual peace conference, uniting enthusiasts of Sunyoga. This platform integrates science, technology, spirituality, and religion, fostering the pursuit of global peace. The Sunyoga practice, central to his teachings, has transformative effects on spiritual and physical well-being.

Spiritual Evolution and Enlightenment

Sunyogi’s journey includes profound moments, such as six months without eating, a barefoot pilgrimage, and a two-year retreat in the Himalayas. His encounter with Mahavatar Babaji and the transmission of enlightenment have shaped Sunyogi’s teachings and practices.

Autobiography and Teaching

Autobiography of sunyogi books of sunyogi

Sunyogi shares his life experiences and teachings in the “Autobiography of Sunyogi.” This living testament inspires and enlightens, detailing adventures, encounters with yogis, and the quest for profound wisdom.

Vision for a Balanced Universe

Sunyogi envisions a self-sustainable and independent community, fostering growth on all levels. His teachings and practices aim to create a better future for humanity and contribute to a balanced and peaceful universe.


Explore Sunyogi’s wisdom through his book, “Autobiography of Sunyogi,” offering insights into his adventurous life and spiritual evolution. Additionally, delve into an 8-hour documentary capturing the essence of Sunyogi’s teachings.

Immerse yourself in the journey of Sunyogi Umasankar, where spirituality meets science, and universal peace becomes a shared mission. Discover the transformative power of Sunyoga and the path to inner peace. 🌞🙏


Video: 8-hour Sunyogi documentary

Recorded songs with Swamiji:

Om Mangalam – Sunyogi

Ak Tumi Adhar – Sunyogi

Shrilekha Manna – Sunyogi

Gayatri Mantra – Sunyogi

Tameba Mata Cha Pita Tameba – Sunyogi

Durdeshi Sei Rakhal Chele – Sunyogi

Prem De Prem De Banshi Baje – Sunyogi

Amaro Parano Jaha Chai – Sunyogi

Chokher Aloi Dekhechilam Chokher Bahire – Sunyogi

Ki Gabo Ami Ki Sonabo Aji – Sunyogi

Annya De Annya De Ma Annyapurna – Sunyogi

Charana Dharite Dio Go Amare Niona Niona Saraye – Sunyogi

Ak Tumi Adhar Sat Guru Ak Tumi Adhar – Sunyogi

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  2. I found my Master, please help me reach Him

    1. Author

      Yes, your email was answered.

      1. Namaste! I would love to meet Sunyogi Umasankar or attend course with Him, visit ashram. My last trips in India I was meditating on sun every morning and evening and now in my home country trying to meditate every day on Sun, I feel that I get energy and happiness doing it! I am so happy that I discovered Sunyogi today! ☺ ♥

        1. Author

          Dear divine Olga,

          We have a policy that everyone that come to the ashram need too has passed at least our 2nd level course and to stay for longer time you need to have passed the 4th level (advanced) course. Sometimes it is scheduled a course in the ashram so then you can come there direct and stay for a shorter while some time after. Otherwise you find all our courses in our schedule:
          There are a lot of uncertainty about upcoming courses now due to the pandemic so make sure keep yourself updated by checking the website regularly for any changes.

  3. When and where is it possible to meet Swamiji?
    Please kindly inform.

      1. When is the next sun yoga training camp by Swamiji?

  4. Pl swnd me the schedule of courses near Gujarat.
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  5. I am most impressed. Dumbfounded. A True Sadhu is a Rare Find….

  6. Dear Team

    I have high myopia hence require immediate support to take care!

    Please let me know the contact number with code!

    Also please let me know the email address for further communication!

    Surajit Ghosh

  7. Dear Surajit, Namasté,

    Thank you for your interest. Sunyoga is a way to get self-solutions in all domains of life, physical health, psychological, economical, philosophical, spiritual.

    An important part of Sunyoga teaching is about surrendering and about not expecting. Each of us is unique. Everything, provided we regularly practice Sun meditation and follow Sunyoga teachings in the proper manner, can be cured, without expectations, surrendering to the outcome. Sometimes other parts of the body, mind or spirit need to be priorly healed. Universe consciousness knows.

    I would recommend reading Sunyogi books. In “Essence of Sunyoga”, it is mentioned numerous people have improved their eyesight. Definitely Sunyoga helps in curing and healing many diseases if not all. AgniHotra practice would also be of help. Please advise where you live exactly so we can direct you to a certified Sunyoga teacher in your area.

    Email address for future correspondence:

    Wishing you peace, prosperity, good health, wisdom, unconditional love and enlightenment.

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      Where do you live. We might be able to get you in touch with a teacher.

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