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Yoga is the timeless practice of unity and connection with the Cosmic Consciousness. In its essence, Yoga signifies the eternal bond that ensures we are never separate from the divine source of Cosmic Energy, which sustains our very existence.

At the heart of Yoga lies the philosophy of Sunyoga, where the concept of “Yog” embodies the inner light within each of us. This inner light merges seamlessly with the universal light, illuminating our path toward oneness with the Cosmos. The true union between our inner selves and the celestial realms occurs when the frequency of our internal vibrations aligns harmoniously with the universal vibrations.

In this sacred union, we realize that the entirety of the macro cosmos also resides within the microcosmos of ourselves. Every aspect of the Universe, every spark of light, is intricately woven into the fabric of our being. Through self-realization, the veil of existence is lifted, revealing the profound secrets of Creation.

Self-realization stands as the ultimate remedy to life’s myriad challenges. When we attune ourselves to the frequency of the Universe, enlightenment dawns upon us. It is in this divine alignment that we truly comprehend the essence of existence and experience the boundless radiance of enlightenment.

Yog means “inner light,” which becomes one with universal light when ignited. The union of the inner self with the Cosmos or the heavenly father occurs when our internal vibration’s frequency matches the universal vibration’s frequency. Whatever exists in the macro cosmos also exists in the micro cosmos or individual self, meaning that all the light of the Universe may also be concealed in the physical body. Everything in the Universe is inside us; when self-realization happens, the secret of existence and Creation becomes evident. Self-realization is the ultimate solution to life’s problems. When we are one with the Universe, then we experience enlightenment.

Sunyogi directing

In our journey through life, we often find ourselves seeking guidance in all directions, yet feeling disconnected and confined by narrow awareness. The path to true connection may seem small, but it requires a delicate balance of inner and outer harmony, shedding the layers of ego that cloud our perception.

Through the practice of meditation, we can expand our consciousness beyond the confines of our physical bodies, reaching out to embrace the essence of the five elements – Earth, Sun, galaxy, and Universe. This expansion, from the individual to the cosmic, is what defines Yoga. It is the sacred union of our souls with the Supreme Soul, a connection nurtured through the science of Yoga.

Within the realm of Yoga, there exist diverse paths, each offering unique techniques to facilitate this connection. Yet, true effectiveness is found in methods developed by enlightened saints. Unfortunately, the purity of these techniques often becomes diluted over time as they are tampered with by those lacking complete understanding.

Having a physically alive, fully enlightened guru to guide us is invaluable. Their wisdom can help us navigate obstacles that may impede our progress. While physical health through practices like Hatha Yoga is important, it is merely a stepping stone on the path to Cosmic Consciousness.

Certain forms of Yoga, such as meditation focusing on the third eye, can accelerate our progress. By balancing higher chakras like the Ajna Chakra, the lower chakras naturally align. These paths, known as Gyan Marg or the Knowledge Path, include Sunyoga. In Sunyoga, the Sun serves as a conduit for connection to Cosmic Consciousness or Cosmic Energy. The cornerstone of Sunyoga is Sun Meditation, a powerful practice that leads us towards the profound realization of our unity with the Universe.

What is Sunyoga?

Unlocking the boundless potential of Cosmic Energy is within reach through our connection to the Sun, the ultimate source of life. Balancing our bodies and minds becomes effortless as we tap into this universal energy. But how do we establish this connection? It all begins with creating the right mindset – one of gratitude, reverence, and unwavering focus.

As we embark on our meditation journey, we direct our gaze towards the Sun, engaging our third eye. Our eyes remain wide open to absorb the Sun’s brilliance, yet angled maximum upwards to prevent direct rays into the eyes. Ultimately, the Sun will not be visible with our physical eyes. All the time, it is crucial that we intend to create and feel friendship with the Sun and free our minds from all expectations. Thus avoid getting distracted by our thoughts and instead surrender and fully immerse ourselves in the experience.

Photon Energy vis the five Elements to Life described by Mahavtar Babaji to Sunyogi.

Mahavatar Babaji revealed to Sunyogi the transformative power of Photon Energy, which, upon entering our bodies, is transmuted into the five elemental energies – Space, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. These vital forces course through our being, nourishing every cell and organ and restoring balance and vitality. Even the most entrenched ailments yield to the healing touch of this cosmic energy.

However, Sun Meditation is merely the pinnacle of Sunyoga – a comprehensive path to spiritual enlightenment. Emphasizing the importance of a solid foundation, Sunyoga advocates for disciplined practices like Yama, Niyama, and Asana. With this groundwork, our spiritual ascent becomes steady and sustainable, leading us toward a state of perpetual meditative awareness.

Through dedicated Sunyoga practice, we transcend personal barriers, fostering inner peace, harmony, and brotherhood. Each day brings us closer to self-realization, equipping us with the wisdom to navigate life’s myriad challenges. In the radiant light of the Sun, we find not only illumination but also the profound purpose of our existence.

Sunyoga basic principles

Before delving into Sunyoga, it’s crucial to lay a solid foundation by embracing key principles that purify the mind and enhance concentration through meditation. These principles, elucidated through the first three steps of the eightfold path of Yoga – Yama, Nyama, and Asana – form the bedrock of spiritual practice.

Yama, the cornerstone of Yoga, marks the inception of the seeker’s journey. It’s a stage of introspection where fundamental questions like “Who am I?” and “What is the purpose of life?” are pondered. Here, one formulates a life plan, aligning their aspirations with inner calling and surrendering to a higher purpose.

With a plan in place, Nyama ushers in the phase of execution. Discipline and punctuality become paramount as the seeker navigates challenges with unwavering resolve. The strength of the foundation laid in Yama determines the ease of implementation in Nyama, underscoring the importance of clarity and commitment.


Asana, the third step, emphasizes the cultivation of correct posture and attitude. Central to this practice is maintaining a straight and relaxed spine, allowing the free flow of divine energy through the body’s energy channels. With the spine aligned, the seeker is poised to embark on the practice of meditation, with postures like Padmasana, Siddhasana, and Gomukasana serving as effective conduits for spiritual exploration.

By adhering to these foundational principles, seekers prepare themselves for the profound journey of Sunyoga, where the radiant light of the Sun illuminates the path to spiritual awakening and inner transformation.

Ancient Sunyoga techniques

Sunyoga, once widely understood, has seen its spiritual essence diluted over time by evolving belief systems. As elucidated by Manly P. Hall in “The Secret Teachings of All Ages,” ancient religions perceived the visible Sun not as the primary source of power, but rather as a reflector of the invisible spiritual Sun – the true wellspring of life, light, and truth.

Developed by Sunyogi Umasankar under the divine grace of Mahavatar Babaji, Sunyoga represents a modern adaptation to contemporary culture and society. Worshiping the Sun, seen as the ultimate visible embodiment of spiritual energy, is a natural progression for cultures that recognize its significance on the path toward enlightenment. Human instinct gravitates toward honoring the Sun as the giver of life, reflecting our innate reverence for its radiant energy.

Over time, teachings evolve, influenced by changes in language, symbolism, and cultural contexts, potentially leading to misunderstandings. Enlightened gurus play a vital role in safeguarding the integrity of these teachings, guiding seekers to uncover the genuine wisdom hidden within. Across continents, various forms of Sun Gazing or Sun worship have been practiced, each reflecting humanity’s deep-seated connection to the Sun’s spiritual symbolism.

Looking back thousands of years, before the advent of formal religions, human societies operated within an intuitive framework, incorporating all aspects of life into a unified continuum. This holistic worldview recognized the Sun as the closest gateway to heaven, symbolizing the highest embodiment of spiritual enlightenment on the physical plane. It was an era where humanity revered the Sun as the source of life and identified themselves as the children of the Sun, dwelling in paradisiacal harmony with its divine light.


Sunyoga courses

Embark on a transformative journey through the seven levels of Sunyoga courses, where practice precedes theory and understanding is gained through experience.

Guided by the wisdom of ancient teachings, Sunyoga emphasizes the importance of practical experience in unlocking your inner potential. Each level of the course is designed to deepen your connection to the divine, empowering you to trust your innate spiritual power.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll discover the true essence of Sunyoga: to empower yourself and cultivate self-sustainability. The teachings instill confidence in your ability to connect with your inner guru, allowing it to guide you on your spiritual path.

Our experienced instructors are grounded in practical knowledge, inspiring confidence and trust in every student. They embody the essence of Sunyoga, guiding you towards self-discovery and inner transformation.

With Sunyoga, you’ll awaken your inner guru and embrace a life of empowerment, guided by the divine wisdom within. Join us on this illuminating journey to unlock the power within and embrace your true potential.

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Learn Sunyoga

Level I – Nursery course 

The first level course is about bringing inner peace and health to the individual for a balanced life. Here we learn the essential tools for keeping ourselves healthy and happy. In the course, we will be introduced to basic meditation techniques, instructions on how to eat healthily, do physical exercises with awareness of the breath (Yogasanas), and learn a few essential acupressure points for health.

Prerequisites: None.
Course duration: A single lecture/Satsang.
Course target: Basic understanding of the benefits of Sunyoga.
Recommended practice:
Physical exercises for purification;
Simple Ajna Chakra meditation.

Contact Jonathan to find a course for you.

Level II – Primary course 

In the second level, we learn what brings a sustainable, happy life and how to maintain a holistic approach to keeping us in balance. Solutions to different common health issues related to emotions are addressed, overcoming depression, traumas, resolving fears, etc. We learn how to improve our psychological condition and vital and mental powers for better concentration and memory.

Prerequisites: None.
Course duration: Two days.
Course target: Mastery of basic Sunyoga practices and 1% brain
utilization (Half-conscious mind).
Recommended practice:
Yogasana exercises;
Eye-to-eye or Photo Meditation;
Basic Sun Meditation (get technical instruction from a level IV+

Contact Jonathan to find a course for you.

Level III – Secondary (Basic course) 

The third level course is a three-day practical and theoretical workshop. The course serves to purify all interior chakras. The course aims to reach the Dhyana stage or Sahaja Samadhi, awaken Chakras±4, and introduce a lifestyle that can sustain this higher level of awareness. This is a spiritual level beyond the full kundalini awakening and takes us to the seventh of the eight steps in Ashtanga Yoga. At this stage of spirituality, we have passed the lower spiritual levels where the magical Siddhis reside. The course will take us beyond this crucial obstacle and facilitate our future progress. We experience heightened self-confidence and control over our lives.

Prerequisites: None.
Course duration: Three days.
Course target: Open all Chakras up to Dhyana and Dhyana Rodhak Chakra (the Chakras ±4), and 2% brain utilization (Conscious mind).
Recommended practice: Morning or evening Sun Meditation.
Summary of the course in PDF

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Level IV – Higher Secondary (Advanced course)

This course is an intense 7-day-long practical course including theoretical lectures. In these seven days, we strictly follow and live the foundation of Yoga: Yama, Niyama, and Asana. The focus is on purification and on strengthening our foundation, making the experience of (Nirvikalpa) Samadhi attainable. If we are well prepared for the course, reaching Samadhi is definitely within our grasp. Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the first experience of being in a state of enlightenment and is where we learn to make a solid connection to our inner guru, our Soul, or higher self. 

This is the final and eighth step in Ashtanga Yoga. From this stage, our inner guidance towards the higher stages of enlightenment will be more prominent, and our dependence on outer gurus will slowly fade away. We start to understand the natural flow of nature, life, and the Universe. We will realize that the significance of the individual self lies in its ability to play an essential role in the infinitely bigger whole, the Creation.

Prerequisites: Completed Sunyoga Level III;
At least six months of regular sincere practice of Sun Meditation after completing the Sunyoga basic Level III course.
Course duration: Seven days.
Course target: Awaken all chakras up to Samadhi and Samadhi Rodhak Chakra (the Chakras ±5), and 7% brain utilization
(Subconscious mind).
Recommended practice:
Sun Meditation in strong noontime Sun;
Apply Yama, Niyama, Asana in everyday life;
Basic Chakra cleansing and breathing exercises;
Chakra Darshan meditation.

Level V – Degree course

This is the beginning of enlightenment and where the real Yoga starts. Here we can start to experience freedom from the dependency on food and water and reach the level of having a disease-less body. Now we have to dedicate part of our life to social work.

Prerequisites: Completed Sunyoga Level IV; At least one year of regular and sincere Sun Meditation practice after finishing the advanced Level IV course.

Course duration: Six months in the Sunyoga Ashram.
Course target: Open all chakras to Rogamukta and Rogamukta Rodhak Chakra (the Chakras ±8) and 20% brain utilization (Superconscious mind).
Recommended practice: Dedicate a part of our life to social service.

Level VI – Master’s Degree course

This is the higher enlightenment course, bringing us to Paramahansa, the childlike stage, Chaitanya, the no-enemy stage, and Amar, the supreme conscious, longevity stage.

Prerequisites: Completed Sunyoga Level V; Applying ourselves to society;
Doing Karma Yoga. Course target: Open up all Chakras to Amar and Amar Rodhak
Chakra (the Chakras ±11), and 50% brain utilization (Supreme
conscious mind).
Course duration: An estimated time of three years of sincere
practice in the Sunyoga Ashram.

Level VII – Researcher course

This is the level of full enlightenment, where we are always merged with Cosmic Consciousness (Cosmic Energy or God’s Consciousness) and becoming a real yogi. At that time, 100% of our brain will be activated, and we will be 100% dedicated to social work. Duality will not hinder us anymore, and we can do real Feel-osophical work.

Prerequisites: Completed Sunyoga Level VI.
Course duration: The estimated time for a fully focused student
is about 12 years of practice to complete the course.
Course target: Open up all Chakras to Brahmanusama and
Brahmanusama Rodhak Chakra (the Chakras ±14) and 100%
brain utilization (Universal conscious mind).
Recommended practice: Dedicate full-time to social service.


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