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Dear divine brothers and sisters of the Universe,

We have many exciting things ahead of us. We have the Universal Peace Conference on 24-26 March, and Sunyogi announced his World Tour for 2023. February was a slow month for us, but now we are speeding up again toward the conference; we have almost all the speakers ready for the program now, and it is quite an interesting list of people from many different backgrounds.

If you want to come to one of Sunyogi´s courses this year you have to act fast. In India he will only teach the Basic Course once in Gujarat 14-16 April. See our schedule to find all the dates.


Axel and The Editorial Board

Om Anand Om.


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10-12 March Level 3 Basic Beginner Course (Rijeka, Croatia)

Dates: 10-12 March

Teacher: Martin Pavlina

Place: Rijeka, Croatia

Cost: 100 Euro

Phone: +385 91 356 7827

Language: Croatian, English

Facebook info:


Ivan, an experienced Sunyoga practitioner at Ashram.

19 March – Mahavatar Babaji Meditation (Online)

Time: 7 pm IST | 10:30 pm MYT | 2:30 pm CET | 8:30 am EST | 5:30 am PST Find out the correct time for your time zone here
Next upcoming dates: | 16 April | 21 May | 18 June |
Contact: Jonathan Charpentier  +1 (612) 670-2264  (USA mobile/ WhatsApp)
Calves at the Ashram Goshala.

24-26 MarchUniversal Peace Conference 2023 (Online)


More information on our dedicated UPC 2023 page


14-16 April – Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Beginner Course (Junagadh [Girnar], Gujarat, India)

This is a very unique opportunity. This might be the only Basic Sunyoga course Sunyogi will do in India during his 3-year retreat time.

Dates: 14-16 April

Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar

Place: Amba Bhagat ni Jagya Kachhi Bhavan Road

(Girnar Taleti) Junagadh (Bhavnath) Gujarat, India

Phone: (+91) 9106813829, (+91) 9879585980


Language: Hindi


29 April-1 May – Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Beginner Course (Paris, France)

Dates: 29 April – 1st May (arrival 28)
Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar
Place: Paris Nord (95), 30 min train from Paris gare du Nord
Cost: 305€ all inclusive (5€ for Association Sunyoga France).
Capacity: 27 persons
Phone/WhatsApp: Tristan +33 6 59 71 04 28 ; Olivier +33 6 06 72 68 53 ; Hélène +33 6 79 83 62 59
Language: French, English

Universal Peace Centre Ashram.

6-8 May – Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Beginner Course (Guadelope, Central America)

Dates: 6-8 May 

Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar

Registration: Noemie and Didier +33 6 73 27 17 55

7-13 June – Sunyoga Level 4 Advanced Course (Austria)

Dates: 7-13 June (arrival 6)

Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar

Contact: Andrea +43 664 5291351, Michaela +43 699 19027681, Bernd +43 664 828 70 32

16-18 June – Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Beginner Course (Austria)

Dates: 16-18 June (arrival 15)

Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar

Contact: Andrea +43 664 5291351, Michaela +43 699 19027681, Bernd +43 664 828 70 32

Gita, Ashram´s chief.

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Testimony Sunyoga Level 2, 3-5 February in Mumbai

SUNYOGA is perhaps the most effortless meditation technique. 

Mrs. Meena Bindal teaches it with lots of love.

  1. My experience with Sun Yoga started even before the classes began.

I don’t know why, but I felt Meenaji thinks I am a man and should call her up and tell her lest she put me in a room with another man. But bcoz of my busy schedule, I forgot to call her. However, the thought came several times. 

And rightly enough, when she saw me, she said she thought from my name that I was a man.

  1. I don’t know why I felt I should carry a particular shawl, which my late best friend, a fellow meditator, gifted. Suddenly I remembered at the retreat that it was her birthday that day. Perhaps she prodded me to go for SUNYOGA class.
  2. The place chosen for the retreat had clean energy and was more like a good hotel with spacious rooms, clean toilets, and a shower.
  3. The Shambhavi eye mudra was easy. Mr. Sudhir Dave had taught it with a few breathing exercises earlier, and I had practiced it well.

So big THANK🌷YOU to Mr. Dave.

  1. For quite some time, I have had a cough and cold, and on 3rd day, the cough dried up. 
  2. Looking forward to using SUNYOGA more and enjoying the gifts it brings.

I recommend SUNYOGA to all who want to do profound meditation.

A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Meena Bindal, and GOD BLESS!!!

– Jerroo Bharrucha, 

Mumbai, India.

The testimony in Hindi:


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What is patience?

by Meena Bindal

We learn to do any work and become proficient in it. Then start teaching others. After a while, our students also begin achieving success. Finally, we say, “this achievement is because of me.” Look, I have taught millions of people! The patience to say who has supported my growth and created me slowly fades away. It is true in every corporate ladder. On reaching the top, one must remember who built the ladder in the first place. We will never forget “who am I” if we can keep our patients.

Today, looking at society, every youth says he is fed up with his parents. They have lost their patience. In the past, they used to say, “I exist because of my parents.” Today they say that “I am fed up with my parents.” If we forget our earthly parents, how will we remember our divine parents? Let us keep the remembrance of our parents remain till our last moment, which is possible only when patient meditation is done daily without expectation. We have to continue our practice diligently.

Inspired by Mahavatar Babaji

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Soon Universal Peace Conference 2023, 24-26 March

Universal Peace Conference is a free event, open for people from all different backgrounds and religions to share their knowledge and experience to help humanity for peace and prosperity. We strive for unity in religions, yoga, spirituality, science, and technology to create harmony and brotherhood on Earth. We have new confirmed participants for the Universal Peace Conference. You will find their names below. 

Speakers: Clayton Longmire | Seava [aka Lisa J. Wolf]| Chyyla Bryte| Loganathan Suveraniam| Reema Sonkar| Mr. Rananjay Pandey| Parul Shethia Pandey| Nicolas Xuan Vinter| Deepak Gupta| Inaya Oakroot 

For more info and updates, check our dedicated page for the conference.

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New Youtube Videos


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If you wish to donate to the Ashram, please find the detailed information at the website

Direct online transfer: On the website, you can send a direct bank transfer through Razorpay. Unfortunately, it works only inside India.

For internal donations (inside India):

Name of the Beneficiary – Universal Peace Centre

Name of the Bank – State Bank of India



Account Number – 33676353645

Branch Code – 009891 (Branch code is always the last six characters of the IFSC Code)

Branch – Kutikonarpur (West Medinipur), West Bengal, India.

For international donations (outside of India):

Name of the Beneficiary – Universal Peace Centre

Name of the Bank – State Bank of India



Account Number – 40108912804

Branch Code – 000691 (Branch code is always the last six characters of the IFSC Code)

Branch – New Delhi Main Branch Address – N. D. Main Branch 11. Parliament Street, New Delhi. Nct of Delhi 110001

If you send money from abroad, we need the money transfer receipt, so our bank can accept the transfer to our account. Please, send the receipt to


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Om Anand Om


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