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Dear divine brothers and sisters of the Universe,

Happy New year, 2023. We wish everyone removes all darkness, laziness, blind faith, selfishness, and narrow-mindedness and brings self-confidence, broad-mindedness, self-realization, and divine light into our lives. We wish everyone great success for a peaceful, blissful, healthy, enlightened life.

In January, we had a lot of activities in many places around India. On 28 January, we celebrated the Kalpatru festival and distributed food to hundreds of locals. The Satsang from the festival was recorded together with an introduction from Sunyogi. We also have a couple of testimonies from different workshops. You can read our newest update for January 2023 in our Newsletter No7, below. Enjoy!


Prakash and The Editorial Board  

Om Anand Om.

Flag ceremony Kalpatru Festival

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3-5 February Level 2 Secondary Beginner Course in Mumbai, India


Teacher: Meena Brindal, the official teacher assigned by Sunyogi Umasankar

Start: Friday, February 3, at 7 am

End: Sunday, February 5, at 7 pm

Location: Ojas Wellness Centre, Lodha Foundation, Mumbai, India  Contact: Meena 93242 69483  

19 February – Mahavatar Babaji Meditation (Online)

Time: 7 pm IST | 10:30 pm MYT | 2:30 pm CET | 8:30 am EST | 5:30 am PST Find out the correct time for your time zone here
Next upcoming dates: | 19 March | 16 April |
Contact: Jonathan Charpentier  +1 (612) 670-2264  (USA mobile/ WhatsApp)

20-26 February – Sunyoga Level 4 Advanced Course (Lachhipur West Bengal, India)


Sunyoga Level 4 course: for those who practiced at least six months of Sunyoga after finishing the Basic Sunyoga Course level 3.

Teacher: Axel Johansson

Place: Sunyoga Ashram UPC Lachhipur, West Bengal, India

Dates: 20-26 February (arrival latest evening 19th)

Contact: Prasenjit Phone: (+91) 8348986030 (Whatsapp) Email: Language: English with Hindi translation

24-26 MarchUniversal Peace Conference 2023 (Online)


Register for Universal Peace Conference 2023

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Report from Sunyoga Level 1-3 Course, 7-9 January in Banglore

Sun mediation Banglore 2023

We started with the course by doing pranam to Mahavatar Babaji and the house saint Satya Sai Baba. There were a mixed group of people of all ages that joined. Except for local people from Bangalore, a significant group from Hyderabad had come to join the course. 

The course took place in the family house of Sundaramaya and Abiram, which was well-suited for our group. On the first day, the participants could enjoy a wonderful experience, and one person explained how he had seen the Sun’s colorful rays reaching him. On a consequent day, the experiences deepened for many. We also had a few young boys who enjoyed eye-to-eye meditation in the evening. One particular incident was shared: one person was looking at his partner, then suddenly, the partner disappeared from his vision. 

In the end, everyone was pleased to be able to fulfill the Sunyoga course for beginners and now have the confidence to do the practice on their own.

Banglore Sun Meditation husband wife 2023

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Testimony Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Course, 29-31 January in Lachipur Ashram

I sincerely thank Universal Peace Centre for imparting me with the Basic Level 3 course. The training module was full of detailed information regarding Sunyoga. I strongly recommend that all spiritual seekers go through Sunyoga courses to self-actualize. I also thank Course Trainer Axel Johansson from the inner core of my heart for his outstanding training skills with relevant examples from various scriptures and his personal experience with Sun Meditation. Special regards to Mahavatar Babaji and Sunyogi Umashankar Ji for their blessings with subtle presence during the course. I Experienced a very blissful and unique kind of happiness within me. Got more clarity about myself and my connection with divinity. I wish all success to all divine souls planning to join this experiential-based Sunyoga course, and thank you.


Participant from Gujarat

Pranam at Kalpatru Festival.

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Testimony Sunyoga Level 2 Secondary Course, 6-8 January in Mumbai

I’m Rosy Laxman from Mumbai. I am always in awe of the Sun’s power to heal humanity and the Earth. I didn’t know how to use solar energy to rejuvenate each cell of our body. In the quest for this search, I came across Meena Bindal Ji, who taught us how to meditate on Sun and be in bliss. Yes, the learning journey was so smooth and eye-opening that I will always meditate on Sun as Sun is the only God we can see with open eyes. Thanks, Meena Bindal Ji, for being there on this journey of Sun Meditation.

Rozy testimony Sunyoga Mumbai

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Kalpatru Satsang: Yoga for householders in Bengali


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The shared realization from Sunyoga practice

by Meena Bindal

A deep clearance happened to me while practicing Sunyoga, and I am sharing it with you all. From my experience, I believe in three prominent colors, Purple 💜, Green 💚 and Red ❤️, and they all have some specific relation to our lives, such as friendship/love and surrendering without desires and expectations. 

This is what I feel is the base of Sunyoga. I can sense that the Sun rays enter the layers of darkness in my thoughts, feelings, desires, and behavior. They get purified by the golden glow of the Sun. How dark my room is doesn’t matter. One ray of the Sun is enough to clarify my thoughts, feelings, and desires. 

Nowadays, everyone is sharing their visions and discussing their ideas’ manifestation. Throughout the world, it is happening. When I ask the divine for something, the moment it manifests and I feel “it is mine,” a shift occurs. Then the insecurity and feeling of loss start in me; divinity is lost. 

Then I think, “Does anything belong to me?” The more we practice Sunyoga, the clearer we can see everything around us. We understand everything belongs to God, and the feeling of “mine” starts dropping automatically.

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Upcoming Universal Peace Conference 2023

Universal Peace Conference is a free event, open for people from all different backgrounds and religions to share their knowledge and experience to help humanity for peace and prosperity. We strive for unity in religions, yoga, spirituality, science, and technology to create harmony and brotherhood on Earth. We have new confirmed participants for the Universal Peace Conference. You will find their names below. 

Speakers: Marie-Ginette Lichère| Martin PavlinaModerators: Axel Johansson

For more info and updates, check our dedicated page for the conference.

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New Youtube Videos


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Om Anand Om

Sun india flag sunyoga sun
Netaji’s birthday celebration, Jayanti, 23 January 2023


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