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By PRAKASH (Tristan-Prakash from Paris, France)

Dear divine brothers and sisters of the Universe,

Happy New Year, everybody!
May you all be healthy and happy, you and your family.

Now it is time for us all to indulge in Newsletter No6. December was an eventful month in Europe because we Europeans are mostly Christians. We celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December.

I know it is also a holiday in India, since you include many traditions and religions. Christmas is a family reunion, so I hope everyone can contact his or her parents, siblings, children, or cousins in one way or another.

In my case, Christmas or any other holiday used to be a nightmare. The situation in my family was very chaotic, so we had a lot of arguments during these events. Since taking on the spiritual quest, however, thanks to some Higher Power’s blessings, I started to change a little.

My family and I slowly came back together, and now each year, our reunions are improving. I dare to say that it is the most precious gift I received from Sunyoga: to feel love for and by my parents and siblings. It gives me such strength and peace of mind. I hope you are all blessed in the same way.

For this month’s newsletter, please enjoy all articles and workshop updates.

Om Anand Om.


Prakash and The Editorial Board

Sunyoga Newsletter No6 India Happy Fun Life

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6-8 January – Sunyoga Level 2 Secondary Course (Mumbai, India)


Ojas Wellness centre – Lodha foundation
099202 22825

7-9 January – Sunyoga Level 1-3 Course (Banglore, India)


Teacher: Axel Johansson

Starting Time: 7.30 am. January 7th

Ending Time:

Sunyoga Level 1 – 1.00 pm January 7th (breakfast will be provided)

Sunyoga Level 2 – Jan 7-8, Full two days 7:30 am-7 pm

Sunyoga Level 3 – Jan 7-9, Full three days 7:30 am-7 pm

Location: Multipurpose Court, Concorde Napa Valley, Kaggalipura, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru 560082
Contacts: Abinaya 8095823823

Fee: 500 INR

Note: We start with Sunyoga Level 1 on Saturday until lunch. It is an introduction to Sunyoga, and those who want to learn more can stay until Sunday evening for the Level 2 course and until Monday evening for the Level 3 course. Register for Level 2 and 3 during the morning session on the 7th.

15 January – Mahavatar Babaji Meditation (Online)

Zoom link to join us:

Time:  7pm IST | 10:30pm MYT | 2:30pm CET | 8:30am EST | 5:30am PST

Find out the correct time for your time zone here

Next upcoming dates:

15 January | 19 February | 19 March | 16 April

Jonathan Charpentier
 +1 (612) 670-2264  (USA mobile/ WhatsApp)

20-22 January – Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Course (Lachhipur, West Bengal, India)

Sunyoga Basic January 2022

Sunyoga Level 3 course (for beginners)
Teacher: Axel Johansson
Place: Sunyoga Ashram UPC Lachipur, West Bengal, India
Dates: 20-22 January
Contact: Prasenjit
Phone: (+91) 8348986030 (Whatsapp)
Language: English with Hindi translation

28 January – Kalpatru Festival (Lachhipur West Bengal, India)

Place: Sunyoga Ashram UPC Lachipur, West Bengal, India

Dates: 28 January

Contact: Prasenjit

Phone: (+91) 8348986030 (Whatsapp)


20-26 February – Sunyoga Level 4 Advanced Course (Lachhipur West Bengal, India)

Sunyoga Level 4 course: for those who practiced at least six months of Sunyoga after finishing the Basic Sunyoga Course level 3.
Teacher: Axel Johansson
Place: Sunyoga Ashram UPC Lachhipur, West Bengal, India
Dates: 20-26 February (arrival latest evening 19th)
Contact: Prasenjit
Phone: (+91) 8348986030 (Whatsapp)
Language: English with Hindi translation

24-26 MarchUniversal Peace Conference 2023 (Online)


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Report from Sunyoga Basic Course Level 3 Lachipur 9-11 December

In December, we had the third Basic Course for the year. This time we got a mixed group from Cooch Behar and Kolkata. With an excellent inauguration with the ashram president on the phone, the course got the perfect start with the blessings of Mahavatar Babaji. 

Morning exercises at UPC Lachipur.

December is known to be a little colder month but is not creating any troubles in conducting the course. After the morning tea, everyone was ready to warm up even more with physical exercises, and finally, when the meditation started, all the clouds had made way for the sun to shine on us.

Sunyoga Basic Course December 2022.

On the second day, we also included eye-to-eye meditation. On the same day, our Ashram driver had his 38th birthday celebration we all partook in. For the last day, all felt very energized by the sun, which could be felt in the fantastic atmosphere we had, where the enthusiasm for knowledge was never-ending. 

View from Ashram top.

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To-do List? To plan, or not to plan

by Prakash

First, here is a summary of Swamiji’s To-do List:

  • First thing in the morning as you wake up. take 5 minutes to plan your whole day on a notebook
  • Write down every activity you will do: taking a shower, meditating, working, watching TV, sleeping, etc.
  • Enjoy your day
  • Before going to sleep, take out your notebook and tick mark all the activities you have been able to complete. Leave the ones you could not, without thinking about them. Just go to sleep. Your dreams will show you how you can do them better next time.

Why should we tick mark our completed activities?

When we complete a activity, we don’t think about it anymore; that thought goes into our unconscious mind. But activities that are still uncompleted stay in the conscious mind. This means that at the end of the day, you forget most things you did; you only remember all the things you did not do! This is quite depressing, so take out your notebook and see how great your day was!

Now here is my personal story with the To-do List…

I used to fulfill my duties at work diligently, but I often had trouble at home. I would postpone the things I had to do and either need to remember to do them, rush them, or be too late. Recently, a friend was helping me to get better organized. She advised me to make a plan with my entire day’s schedule and tick mark my objectives when completed. Just like Swamiji’s To-do List!

I was intrigued by the coincidence and decided: “This time, I will listen and do this planning thing for real.” I bought an agenda and a pen and started writing down my plans every morning and ticking my completed activities every evening.

Since then, it has only been four weeks, but this has completely changed my life! In which way?

1) I feel more self-confident: by getting so many things done, I now know: I CAN DO IT!

2) My mind is clearer: what has to be done, how it should be done, and what I did not do. Such thoughts do not trouble me anymore.

3) I am more dynamic and vibrant: I follow almost immediately when there is a need for action. I.e., Quickly after I receive the guidelines for the newsletter, I write an article for it. 😉

Briefly put, I feel like a king. I have gained so much freedom. While it looks like I am restraining myself with this schedule, I have gained independence through it; now, I am free from my laziness!

Okay, not 100%, but I cannot compare myself to how I was just a month ago. Can it be so miraculous? Try to make this to-do list, and you will experience it yourself. 🙂


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Upcoming Universal Peace Conference 2023

We have more confirmed participants for the Universal Peace Conference. You will find their names below. Still we need a few more speakers and moderators. If you know someone or would like to participate yourself, send us your request!


D. R. Kaarthikeyan| Smita Chatterjee| Subasish Acharya

François Gerland| Julie Gerland| Cristiana Eltrayan


Dr. Vikas Saxena| Jonathan Charpentier| Meena Bindal

For more info and updates check our dedicated page for the conference.

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New Youtube Videos

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If you wish to donate to the Ashram, please find the detailed information at the website

Direct online transfer:

On the website, you can send a direct bank transfer through Razorpay. Unfortunately, it works only inside India.

For internal donations (inside India):
Name of the Beneficiary – Universal Peace Centre
Name of the Bank – State Bank of India
Account Number – 33676353645
Branch Code – 009891 (Branch code is always the last six characters of the IFSC Code)
Branch – Kutikonarpur (West Medinipur), West Bengal, India.

For international donations (outside of India):
Name of the Beneficiary – Universal Peace Centre
Name of the Bank – State Bank of India
Account Number – 40108912804
Branch Code – 000691 (Branch code is always the last six characters of the IFSC Code)
Branch – New Delhi Main Branch
Address – N. D. Main Branch 11. Parliament Street, New Delhi. Nct of Delhi 110001

If you send money from abroad, we need the receipt of the money transfer, so our bank can accept the transfer to our account. Please, send the receipt to

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Useful links


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The Sunyoga Newsletter has been published by the Universal Peace Centre, located in Lachhipur village, Paschim Medinipur district, Harinagar, in West Bengal, India, 140 km West of Kolkata. For more information, visit the website
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Om Anand Om

Sunyoga Level 1 course in Delhi December 2022.


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