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Dear divine brothers and sisters,

Welcome to the 3rd issue of our Sunyoga newsletter… we are back! 

We apologize for not publishing any content during September. We are currently re-organizing how we work to improve our newsletter publication.

Since our last issue, there have been a few Sunyoga workshops around the globe. Some in Europe, some in India, and more recently, three workshops in Malaysia by Swamiji himself, back from the mountains! You will find more details about it in our articles below.

On another note, the editorial board met with Swamiji on zoom to discuss the ups and downs within the Sunyoga organization. One big topic was the newsletter publication: some were too lazy to help with it, and some argued. We made a round table to express our views, then Swamiji said two things: “First, we all have a social responsibility. We are all part of Society, so we all owe something to Society. Therefore we must dedicate some time in our life to social service. Secondly, as members of an organization, we should feel like we are part of the same body; each individual is like a different organ. If one has difficulties, others should help to lift him up. In the same way, we should help each other and work together.” A few words of wisdom by our beloved Swamiji 🙂

Please enjoy our articles, and see you next month!


The Editorial Board

Sunyogi waterfall malaysia
Sunyogi enjoys a waterfall in Malaysia.

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  • 14-16 October – Basic Sunyoga Course for beginners (Level 3) Lachhipur ashram, West Bengal, India (contact Ashram Office for details: Prasenjit +918348986030)
  • Every Sunday – Sun Meditation course level 1 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India (Contact: Prashant Bhatt, +91 99185 07195)

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Delhi Conference “The Power of Sunyoga and the Sudarshan Chakra”

On 2nd September, Sunyogi Umasankar presented “The Power of Sunyoga And Sudarshan Chakra” at the Mult India International Centre in Delhi. D. R. Kaarthikeyan organized the program and launched it with a short reverence to the recently passed away Patriji, the founder of the pyramid society that also has a strong connection between Sunyoga and Universal Peace Centre. 

The full video of the conference can be seen here:

Swamiji took over the presentation and reviewed his life experience and information about Sunyoga. He ended the presentation with his new findings about the Sudarshan Chakra and animation to describe it better. He says it is vital at this critical time for humans to use the Sudarshan chakra to clear all negativities, and it will go fast. Sunyoga is one technique that can activate the Sudarshan Chakra.

Sunyoga group met with Mr. Kaarthikeyan.

Vikas ended the presentations with his talk about different yoga and meditation techniques. He tried to map out differences with a scientific approach. The audience then asked questions before wrapping up the conference. The attendees were satisfied and grew interested in joining Sunyoga courses in Delhi.

The audience listens carefully when Swamiji talks.

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Sunyoga Basic Course in Lachhipur

The wait for Sunyoga basic course has been long since Swamiji left for his retreat in June 2021, but now the course is finally available again. We had people coming all from Bangladesh to participate and learn Sunyoga from Axel Johansson. This was Axel’s first level 3 course that he was able to teach successfully and all the students left with a smile and with more self-confidence than when they arrived. The plan is to have one basic course in the Lachhipur ashram every month. The next workshop is scheduled for 14-16 October. Everyone is welcome. Register with Presenjit (+918348986030, sunyogiindia@gmail.com).

Sunyoga practice in Sunyoga Level 3 course at the ashram on 10 September 2022.

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Swamiji September Travels


Dehradun forest campus
The wild forest is just next to the Campus in Dehradun.

Before the Delhi conference, Swamiji went to Dehradun, stayed at their University for a few days, and had time to explore the beautiful nature next to the University.

Dehradun flower closeup
Flower growing in Dehradun.



Sunyogi trilobaba elephant safari nepal
Group photo with the elephant after a safari in the jungle.

After the conference in Delhi, Swamiji decided to go and meet old friends and have some relaxation time. First, he went to meet his good old friend Trilobaba in Kathmandu. Swamiji saw pictures of rhinos in the airport, making him want to see some real ones. For many days, Trilobaba and his spiritual sister took care of Swamiji in an ayurvedic spa. He also gave them a course in Acupressure.

Sunyogi Rhino Nepal
Sunyogi meets a rhino in the city.
baby and mother rhino nepal
A mother and baby rhino are having a bath in the pond.

Then they went on a road trip for a few days to find rhinos. One day they saw a rhino coming into the city they were staying. It had been taken care of after an accident when it was a baby. It had since returned to the city regularly for visits. The next day they got a guide and an elephant to ride on, who took them deep into the jungle on a photo hunt. They saw many different animals, and their peak experience was meeting a rhino mother with a baby in a pond.

sunyoga family nepal
Group photo with Nepalese Sunyoga Family on the rooftop in Kathmandu.

Group photo with Nepalese Sunyoga Family on the rooftop in Kathmandu.


Sunyogi Diamond family birthday
Birthday celebration with Diamond Yong family.
sunyoga practice kuala lumpur
Sun Meditation in the introduction course at Kuala Lumpur.

From Nepal, Swamiji then traveled to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with the plan to relax even further. But the trip changed its purpose when he found out about the immense interest of people in Malaysia in learning Sunyoga from him. Hence, he changed his mind and eventually conducted three Sunyoga courses. After staying a few days with the family of Diamond Yong, he gave his first Sunyoga introductory 3-day course in Kuala Lumpur, where many people were interested. Soon after, a 4-day pre-advanced course was held in a house in Kuala Lumpur. The people had a wonderful time and became more interested in finishing the advanced class.

Chinese wooden artwork deities
Wooden artwork of Chinese deities.
Sunyogi bird contact
Sunyogi talks with birds.

    On the last night in Kuala Lumpur, Swamiji visited Bird Park before going north of Malaysia to teach another introductory course in Sunyoga. Also this time a big group of people came to attend the class. Alan Yong, a qi-gong master and a friend of Swamiji since 2005, escorted him to different exciting places. They got to go to a snake temple, where Swamiji hugged a snake and took a bath in a waterfall.

Sunyoga intro course Malaysia 2022
Introductory course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2022.
Sunyoga Family preadvanced Malaysia 2022
Pre-advanced course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2022.
Group coming to an introductory course in Sunyoga at Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia.

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      If you wish to donate to the ashram, please find the detailed information at the website https://sunyoga.org/donations/:

Direct online transfer:

      At the website https://sunyoga.org/donations, you can send a direct bank transfer through Razorpay. Unfortunately, it works only inside India.

For internal donations (inside India):
Name of the Beneficiary – Universal Peace Centre
Name of the Bank – State Bank of India
Account Number – 33676353645
Branch Code – 009891 (Branch code is always the last six characters of the IFSC Code)
Branch – Kutikonarpur (West Medinipur), West Bengal, India.

For international donations (outside of India):
Name of the Beneficiary – Universal Peace Centre
Name of the Bank – State Bank of India
Account Number – 40108912804
Branch Code – 000691 (Branch code is always the last six characters of the IFSC Code)
Branch – New Delhi Main Branch
Address – N. D. Main Branch 11. Parliament Street New Delhi. Nct of Delhi 110001

      If you send money from abroad, we need the receipt of the money transfer, so our bank can accept the transfer to our account. Please, send the receipt to sunyogiindia@gmail.com.

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Useful links

Website: https://sunyoga.org
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/SunyogiUmasankar
Telegram: https://t.me/Sunyoga
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SunyogiUmashankar
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/SunYoga/

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      The Sunyoga Newsletter has been published by the Universal Peace Centre, located in Lachhipur village, Paschim Medinipur district, Harinagar, in West Bengal, India, 140 km West of Kolkata. For more information, visit the website https://sunyoga.org.
      The editorial board: Smita Chatterjee, the President of UPC in charge, Vikas Saxena, Ph.D., Axel Johansson, Tristan Bousquet (Prakash).

  • Email: contact@sunyoga.org
  • Ashram Office: +918348986030 

Om Anand Om

sunyogi trilobaba juice love
Sunyogi and Trilobaba have juice in Nepal together.

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