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Hello! Prakash here, recently promoted to the most important duty of Ashram gatekeeper!

I have indeed been alone in the Ashram for almost the whole month. Fabian explored South India before returning to Germany, while Axel and Jonathan have been in Malaysia. When I say that I was alone, it was only at night, and the rest of the time, people were there: Mother Gita and Mira, brother Swapan, Prasenjit, and Uncle Oshit. But as a meditation practitioner, I was on my own.
I spent most of my time in the vegetable garden and the rice fields. We started harvesting cauliflowers, cabbages, kohlrabis, some spinach, and coriander; even our neighbors had the opportunity to harvest some beetroots.

Natural growth in the garden

I have been expanding the “Natural farming” in the garden into the parts that aren’t used because they are too shady. By preparing the soil with manure and straw, I hope that things can grow there during the hot summer when a little bit of shade might come in handy.

Paddy field growth with cover crops

I am experimenting on one of our paddy fields as well. I spread manure on the field, then sowed a mixture of seeds – beans, mustards, and radishes – which we call cover crops. Beans will bring valuable elements into the soil, such as Nitrogen. Mustards and radishes will develop roots that will break the soil and decompact, getting air and increasing water absorption capacity so microorganisms can thrive. The rest of the weeds will grow roots that will strengthen the soil structure and reduce erosion. All this vegetation will act as a shield from the hot temperature, preventing too much evaporation and keeping the ground humid. And when they are all grown up, I will cut them and leave them on the ground to let them compost. This is called green manure. With such preparation, I hope that rice can be sown there next season without plowing the field.

Back to the Ashram. Since we needed help for the cow and more presence in the building, we hired a new employee. Welcome to Nobo-da! Living just a few houses away in the village, he was chosen by Oshit, our current “cowboy,” as Jonathan spells it, to support him in his work. Nobo-da likes to sing Kirtan, especially Hare Krishna bhajans, sometimes so much that he doesn’t show up at night!

All in all, the Ashram is doing well. Meditation, Seva, and Pujas are on peaceful days at Universal Peace Centre. This month in the village, we celebrated Saraswati Puja and then Bhim Puja, and high school students had their week-long exams. Then we went to a fair with Swapan and Prasenjit to eat ice cream!

Thank you for reading, and see you next month.

Malaysian Flower Sunyoga

Animal of the Month! March 2024: Baby Cow Surya

Surya relaxes with her friends.

Sorry folks, we thought Surya was a male, but we were wrong. However, with modern gender politics and inclusivity, we don’t think we will have any problem with Surya keeping her name. Surya was born on 21 January, and since then, we have had a chance to follow her day-to-day life. There is only one problem: Surya’s mother is very protective and gets agitated whenever we play with Surya.

For February, we had two births, but sadly, one of the calves died after three days. It looked healthy in the first hours, but it could not stand up and drink milk. Then… The second one was the healthiest so far; she was born around noon, and she managed to stand up after 1 hour only, 1 hour more, and she was drinking milk on its own.

Newly born Surya

On the other hand, Surya had an adamant time entering the world. She was born at night and stayed cold the whole morning until we discovered her. She had low energy, her eyes were lifeless and rolling upwards, and her neck was so loose that it was regularly turning backward by 180 degrees. But we were there to support and watch her, and it may have paid off since she quickly recovered, gained some strength, and was joyously jumping around after a few days.

Surya has been sick for the past week; she had oddly colored excrement and was lying down most of the time. I took advantage of this to massage her and cuddle her since she could not escape from me. She has recovered her energy and can be seen hanging around with her new younger sister.

Surya and her sister enjoy their time together.

Sunyoga Success Story: Man Sheds 5kg in Just 2 Months, Witness Significant Reduction in Belly Fat

Despite making no changes to his diet, this man has significantly reduced his body fat through Sunyoga practice. Witness the significant transformation in the before and after pictures.

Five kilograms lighter after just two months of dedicated Sunyoga practice

My Journey with Sunyoga, Health and Well-being

by Munusamy Palany, Malaysia


My daily routine: I start my morning by waking up at 4 am and meditating. Then, I rest until exactly half an hour before sunrise to do the Agnihotra. After that, I do morning exercises for 40 minutes and continue with Sun Meditation from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Then, I bathed and finished my morning routine duty with breakfast around 11:00 am.

Then I rest or do anything from here on. Take care of my wife, all this and that. Next, I take a fruit juice at 12.30. I skip my lunch. And take some Indian cakes. Huh! I’m not scared of anything. At three o’clock I do some housework, like gardening and everything. Then I do my Agnihotra again at sunset, usually seven-something.

Then, after I go for my dinner, it is very light. I consume a maximum of half of what I used to eat before. I’m 100% vegetarian. Then I rest a little bit, meditate, and then sleep. Then I had a big problem: I didn’t sleep much. I cannot sleep. I cannot feel I’m sleeping. I don’t feel tired. This is my life.

Health-wise, thank God, a lot of things are better. My blood pressure, the food. I take a little medicine; all my organs are in good condition. The eyesight is obvious. Before, I used to wear glasses when the text was too small to read, about 4-5 years ago. After starting with Sunyoga, I rarely use glasses. I look at the Sun, and I feel nothing. My eyesight is very clear. Very clear, no more reading glasses. The priority is my health.

The spiritual path will come on time. I have practiced everything, but I haven’t developed much spiritually so far. For me, that is secondary. Whenever Babaji wants to bless me, I give it time. But now, my top priority is my health. I take care of my lifestyle and my day-to-day running life. So I don’t have any problems. And I like to travel…


I travel almost everywhere. Recently, I visited India. A few hundred thousand people were in the temple, and nobody wore a mask. Luckily, I didn’t get flu or anything, not even during the coronavirus pandemic. A few of my family members got Corona, but I never had it.

I travel to Indonesia and India very frequently without a mask. I think it is something with the sunlight that gives you strength.

You should also know I was a patient of Asthma, Asthmatic. Yeah, seriously. One day, all of a sudden, I got wheezing. Then, I always used to get wheezing. Now, all is fine; I don’t have this anymore. That means the Sun let it go away. It happened after I practiced Sunyoga for a long time, but I never expected it to heal. When I do my Sunyoga, I don’t expect anything. I have the medical report. It is full of information. I also had a heart blockage. They cleared it at the hospital, and I have taken some medicine since then.

Still, I do all these physical exercises every day. Every six months, I go to test myself at the doctor. I can go up to the fourth stage. You know, there are stages one, two, three, and four on the treadmill. So the doctor is also quite happy for my age. Now I am 76 years old. It is all thanks to Sunyoga. I didn’t expect anything. Everything comes naturally. Thank you!

Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur

Great Feedback from Sunyoga Basic Course in Chennai, 2-4 February

by Axel and Jonathan

We are grateful to have been invited to Chennai by Dr. G. L. Sampoorna to share Mahavatar Babaji’s knowledge about how we all can learn the potent yet straightforward practice of Sunyoga.

Sunyoga Course at Chennai Beach

From the feedback we got, the three-day course was very successful. The testimonials received are full of gratitude.

What we heard from the participants and what we know from our own experience is that despite the simplicity of Sunyoga, the practice offers deep experiences that lead to a profound connection with cosmic consciousness.

At the end of the course, the attendees got inspired and felt a desire to continue practicing Sunyoga, develop lifelong friendships with the Sun, and live in harmony with nature. The morning meditation sessions at the beach offered a serene setting to establish this connection, cultivating feelings of relaxation and gratitude.

Chennai Morning Sun

One of the participants, Nandhini, said she felt profoundly connected not only to the Sun but also to all elements and life in general. This sense of unity with nature was a central theme throughout the event.

Attendees found the sessions uplifting, filled with inspiring stories and practical teachings illuminating their spiritual path. Many participants felt more energetic than usual after engaging in the Sunyoga practice and noticed profound effects of the training on both mind and body.

Morning group exercises at the Chennai beach

One practitioner mentioned, “Every night, my nose was blocked, and in the morning, it was released due to the Sunyoga practice. It was a big relief to go on with the day feeling free in the nose.”

Ishika Sachdev tells us, “I had a remarkable experience over the last three days. The technique is simple but powerful. I look forward to a lifelong friendship with the Sun and living in balance with nature.”

The Sunyoga workshop was an educational event and a transformative experience that touched the hearts and minds of all who participated, paving the way for a journey of self-discovery, healing, spiritual evolution, and a solar revolution.

One Sunyoga student shared, “On day 3, I was fulfilled hearing you two chanting again. The voice frequency and depth took me to a meditative, grounding state. The vibrations were running all over my body. It was divine.”

Overall, the workshop left a lasting impact on the participants, offering them a new perspective on the beauty of the Sun.

Group photo from Sunyoga Course in Chennai

Upcoming Sunyoga Courses & Events

March 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
April 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
10-12 May 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) Lodhadham, Maharashtra, India)
17-19 May 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) (Warengal, Telegana, India)
June 2024 – Advanced Course (Level 4) (Gujarat, India)

Special Flower Malaysia
22 June 2024 – Sunyogi returns from his 3-year Sadhana on his birthday (Lachhipur, West Bengal, India)
28-30 June 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) (Lachhipur, West Bengal, India)
9-11 August 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) (Erbendorf, Germany)
15-18 August 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) (Netherlands)
24-31 August 2024 – Sunyoga Advanced Course (Level 4) (Austria, Europe)
4-7 September 2024 – Acupressure Course (France)

Postponed – Universal Peace Conference 2024 (Online)

For all details about registrations, please consult our calendar page

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Information to our Donors

The land acquisition process has hit a temporary standstill due to the emergence of new legal information. We await Swamiji’s return to determine the following steps to navigate this situation. However, I want to assure everyone involved that the funds earmarked for the land purchase will be safeguarded. Should we shift our focus to another property, these resources will be allocated accordingly. This approach underscores our commitment to prudently managing our resources while remaining steadfast in pursuing our goals.

We sincerely appreciate our private donors’ support, as we rely on their generosity to a significant extent. Acknowledging their vital role, we plan to provide our donors with more exclusive information regarding the land purchase. Additionally, we are actively developing various VIP programs to express our gratitude and further engage with our valued supporters in the future. This commitment reflects our sincere appreciation for their contributions and our desire to strengthen our relationship with them.


If you feel Sunyoga and our work are helping individuals and humanity, please consider supporting our mission by donating.

All information can be found on our donation page.

Om Anand Om.

Sunset in Kuala Lumpur


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