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Dear divine Brothers and Sisters of the Universe,

The Universal Peace Centre (UPC) team has been busy this October, traveling to the Himalayas, where we didn’t have Wi-Fi to publish this newsletter earlier. We apologize for bringing this news later than usual and thank you for your patience.

We bring back encouraging stories for you from the last workshop in Gujarat, our incredible time in Bhojbasa with Sunyogi at ´Shanti Kutir’ cave. Enjoy!

Tapovan view
Shivling view at Tapovan

Gujarat Beginner Workshop

by Jonathan

Jai Girnari!*
Om Anand Om,

large meditation Junagadh
Large Sun Meditation group in Junagadh

187 students from many Indian states and international countries gathered in Junagadh, Gujarat, from Oct 6-8 to attend a fantastic Sunyoga Basic Workshop. In classic Sunyogi fashion, our Guruji answered everyone’s questions in only 3 days. 

The last day was especially memorable because of people’s progress and blissful state. Sunyogi finished with Mahavatar Babaji’s teaching about the Creation of the Universe, which left everyone in awe.

Sunyoga Girl Gujarat
Sun Meditation Girl Gujarat 2023

The organizer’s team led the conclusion ceremony, which accomplished a fantastic job. We, organizers from other places, know how hard it is to organize a workshop with barely 20 to 50 people. So, try to imagine a workshop with almost 200 people! 

Our gratitude goes to Vishva Bapu and Mayur Yagnik who were the main organizers. We also want to thank the large support we got from Dilip Bhai Chavda, Raju Bhai Thummar, and Ashok Bhai Prit Mani, whose simple, humble, and gentle nature, was perfect for gathering so many people. 

With my sister Joystna, we felt everyone was our Universal family. We were humbled by the kindness, pure heart, and dedication of everyone involved. Whenever we have been traveling with Swamiji Sunyogi Umasankar Maharaj, we have noticed how beautiful souls always attract the best in people.

Sunyogi Umasankar smiles
Sunyogi smiles

Our host and his friends sang songs for us, gave us several visits to the historical region, local hospital, family’s agricultural land, Gosala (cow home), and on the last day gave us traditional Gujarati clothes and sweets, so now not only we look Indian, but we could carry sweets and treats for the rest of our journey to Bhojbasa.

Sunyoga workshop in Junagadh
Sunyoga workshop in Junagadh October 2023

[N.B: Jai Girnari!* is how people greet each other in Junagadh, Gujarat. It is a way to pay their respect to the tallest mountain in the area, which is highly revered as a source of blessings and protection in everyone’s lives.]

Haridwar Aarati
Aarati at Haridwar 2023

Himalayas Journey

by Jonathan

Our journey took place in the literally breathtaking UK state. It is the Indian Uttarakhand state, known as “simply heaven”. We first drove through Rishikesh, then Uttarkashi, and finally reached Gangotri after a very twisted 12-hour drive. We then hiked 14km up to reach Bhojbasa’s Ashram, at 4200m of altitude, where we stayed for over 2 weeks. Temperatures varied from -10°C at night to about +15°C on the sunniest days.

Ice forest Bhojbasa
Ice forest in Bhojbasa

It was bliss to enjoy the Himalayas’ breathtaking nature, practice Sunyoga in a pure environment, and learn from Swamiji’s wisdom.

Inside Shanti Kutir cave at Bhojbasa

We were blessed to have the opportunity to hike further up and reach Topovan at 4,800m altitude. There we visited the place where Mahavatar Babaji appeared in front of Swamiji two times in december 2007 and 2008.

Joystna tired
Sunyogi petting Joystna to generate more energy

Words cannot express the beauty of the Himalayas, but not everything was sunshine and rainbows. We could see the effects of global warming there also, by observing the alarming rate at which the Gangotri glacier, the second-biggest glacier in India, is reducing in size. Swamiji also commented on many trees bearing new leaf buds in early November, which is very abnormal. We have to do our very best to protect Mother Nature.

Jonathan sleeps
Jonathan takes a nap during his Tapovan trek

Swamiji Sunyogi Umasankar Maharaj gave us a world-class demonstration of applying all of his teachings. Because the environment in Bhojbasa is pure but never forgiving, we have to overcome many obstacles. Every day we were being put to the test. Our self-confidence, trust in ourselves, and especially our surrender to God were pushed every single second.

Sunyogi at Gaumukh
Sunyogi merge with Gaumukh

We quickly became friends with Raju ji, Mamu ji, Akash ji, Nodial ji, and all the Bhjobasa Ashram staff and local porters. Raju ji is the manager at Bhojbasa Ashram. After November 8, the authorities do not permit anyone to stay at Bhojbasa or beyond.

Maina fly high over Sunyogi at Bhojabasa

Sunyogi Umasankar Maharaj or special saints like him need local authorization to stay to do their Sadhana (self-research and spiritual practice). 

Fractal plant in Bhojbasa

The reason is simple: the roads are blocked by the snow. It becomes impossible to either come up or down, impossible to get food, kerosene, and gas, and impossible to warm up anything to get warm or survive (not even Maggi!). We heard the staff and Swamiji joking that washing or drying clothes is almost impossible unless you want your clothes or towels to turn into ice cubes or “Papadam”.

November leaves bhojbasa
November leaves in Bhojbasa

High-level saints like Swamiji are allowed to stay. Normal people would easily die because of the freezing -40°C temperatures and isolation.

Maina eat directly from hand at Bhojbasa

Shocking but true fact, there are many stories of people going to the Himalayas to commit suicide!
So, it’s a good thing we survived!!!

Sunrise Bhagharati
Sunrise at Bhagharati 2023

Upcoming Sunyoga Courses & Events

Dec 24-26, 2023 – Sunyoga Beginner Workshop (Level 1-3) at UPC Ashram (in English)
Jun 28-30, 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) at UPC Ashram (in English)
Jul 2-8, 2024 – Sunyoga Teacher Training Course (Level 1-3) at UPC Ashram (in English)
Jul 19-21 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1-3) Netherlands

For all details about registrations please consult our calendar page

sunlight plants Bhojbasa
Plants in sunlight at Bhojbasa


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Sunyogi pose in Rishikesh
Sunyogi climbs a weak tree in Rishikesh


  1. Jay Gurudev.
    Getting connected with you and getting your blessing through newsletter. At present I am in Raipur, Chhatishgarh left Kolkata permanently.
    My charan sparsh to you.

    1. Om Anand Om
      Very nice comment and good blessings Gautam Patel
      Om Anand Om

  2. Om Anand Om
    Very nice comment and good blessings Gautam Patel
    Om Anand Om

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