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Dear divine Brothers and Sisters of the Universe.

Greetings from Jonathan and all Universal Peace Centre team members.

Good blessings come to us from all around the world. 


Someone has to answer the call of those who are suffering.

There are not many people on this planet who can take on this quite difficult, some would say the impossible task to manage.

Sunyogi Umasankar Maharaj has one more time completed intense nature exploration and societal research. I feel like the more we go, the deeper we get every year with our endeavors.


If you have had the pleasure to meet Sunyogi you know about the purity of his heart and soul. His life’s goal and mission are very clear and he won’t stop until we reach Universal Peace, Unity, and Brotherhood. 


His 3-year Sadhana turned into a world tour. Sunyogi felt pushed to do so because of global warming in the Himalayas and because he could feel people were restless, and needed him to do even more.

By blessings we are not talking about the religious meaning, but the practical meaning of blessings that only dedicated meditation practitioners can experience without dreaming or living in the world of Maya or Hollywood, i.e. illusions.


Instead of theory, we have the ability to learn by living through real life experience.

During our recent travels we noticed suffering is widespread to new levels on Mother Earth and people are crying for solutions. We may live in Canada, Austria, Malaysia, or Australia, but the situation is basically the same everywhere. 


People, families, businesses, all aspects of life are now subject to new levels of pressure and intensity that keep piling up. The consequences right now are already dramatic, but people are sleeping, or lying to themselves, pretending the Chaos we create with our thoughts, words, and actions is completely rational, logical, and reasonable.


In response to the layers of darkness and suffering we keep getting amazing feedback about the technology of Sunyoga in our recent workshops in Australia and Malaysia this month.


It was Sunyogi’s first time in Australia. We are very thankful to the people who are awake and keep practicing despite today’s difficulties and obstacles. The world is not crazy when we start being serious about Meditation with a real method and a real teacher. It’s that simple.


Blessings are everywhere. We just have to work hard to get there. It’s not magic, it’s called effort and dedication if we want a future for our species called the Human species. 

Infinite bliss to all,

Om Anand Om.


Jonathan and The Editorial Board


Upcoming Sunyoga Courses and Events

Sunyogi in Ayodhya

Oct 6-8 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1,2 and 3) in Junagadh, Gujarat, India.

Oct 15 – Mahavatar Babaji Meditation (Online)

19-21 July 2024 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1,2 and 3) in the Netherlands

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