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Dear divine Brothers and Sisters of the Universe,

In August was Sunyogi’s 1st time teaching Sunyoga on Mauritius Island and in Australia. Now an estimated 3 million people worldwide have Sunyoga practice experience! Incredible.

And so many exciting projects are becoming more concret. We are progressing on our Universe-City project, which is very important for Humanity, as revealed to Sunyogi by Mahavatar Babaji. We will soon share more on this topic.

I would like to end this message by Swamiji’s words:
“Be simple, humble, gentle.”

Infinite bliss to all, Om Anand Om

Jonathan and The Editorial Board

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Interviews in Mauritius Island

During his time in Mauritius (aka mini India), Swamiji had multiple opportunities to spread awareness about Sunyoga meditation via a Beginner course he was teaching, as well as multiple interviews he gave on Radio Mauritius, MBC 3 channel, and PMC Hindi (interviews in Hindi). We’re very grateful to the Mauritius Universal family for giving Swamiji that opportunity.

Also, Sunyogi’s exploration and research on Mauritius Island brought him to the wonderful Casela Nature Parks. Sunyogi is not only a fantastic teacher, but he also treated us with amazing nature pictures of lions, zebras, and tropical fish! We saw him in a diving suit walking at the bottom of the sea, while the day before, an adult lion was walking with him. Wow

Meditation Course in Sydney

This month was the 1st introduction of Sunyoga in Sydney, Australia, with a basic workshop in a beautiful natural place. Everyone was very happy and getting great experience by the blessings of Babaji.

Q&A: Am I Spiritually Progressing?

How can we measure our progress when practicing Yoga, Sunyoga, or any spiritual path? Swamiji answers your questions.

How to Quickly Learn a Language

In the future, for our Universe-city we will need to know many languages: English, Sanskrit, Hindi and local languages.

Sunyogi nicely demonstrated that the best method to learn a foreign language is to proceed in this specific order:

  1. Letter: Learn the alphabet and every single letter starting with each vowel, with writing over and over again, with patience and repetition because practice makes perfect
  2. Word: Only then we can form words, read and write them
  3. Sentence: Ultimately, this stage comes quickly if we complete the two first steps.

It is the same sequence as in Sunyoga with Yam, Niyam, and Asan. First, we must learn the fundamental parts to build the larger structure.

Upcoming Sunyoga Courses

Sept 1 – Sunyoga Nursery (Level 1) in Sydney, Australia.

Sept 8-9 – Sunyoga Introduction (Level 1) in Penang, Malaysia.

Sept 16-17 – Sunyoga Introduction (Level 1) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Oct 6-8 – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1,2 and 3) in Junagadh, Gujarat, India.

For all details about registrations please consult our calendar page

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If you feel from your heart that Sunyoga and our work are helping individuals and humanity, please consider supporting our mission by donating.

 All informations can be found on our donation page.

Donations go directly to the Universal Peace Center (UPC), our non-profit organization based in our Ashram in Lachipur, India. All funds are used for projects helping to spread awareness of Sunyoga meditation and spiritual development in the world.


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