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Dear divine brothers and sisters of the Universe,

Swamiji continued his world tour in July. First, he returned to India for the Guru Purnima celebration and then visited Nepal and Mauritius. He has had time to visit many beautiful places. Swamiji will go to Australia, Malaysia, and India for the next two months, and people can learn Sunyoga from him before he finishes the year at his winter retreat.

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Om Anand Om.

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Date: Friday 11 to Sunday 13 August 2023

Venue: Shri Pushpalochanaaya Shiv Mandir Royal Road, Saint Michel, Bel-Air, Riviere-Seche, Mauritius
Cost: Free
Contact person: Navin Taukoordass
Phone: +230 5258 0110

Guru Purnima goat 2023
Goat and Sunyogi celebrate Guru Purnima together.
20 August – Mahavatar Babaji Meditation (Online)
Zoom link to join us: 
Time: 7 pm IST | 10:30 pm MYT | 2:30 pm CET | 8:30 am EST | 5:30 am PST Find out the correct time for your time zone here
Following upcoming dates: 17 September | 15 October | 19 November
Contact: Jonathan Charpentier  +1 (612) 670-2264  (USA mobile/ WhatsApp)
24-27 August – Sunyoga Basic Course (Levels 1,2 and 3) (Sydney, Australia)


Food and accommodation are fully booked, but still, you can join if you arrange food and accommodation on your own. Contact Lisa Bianco for more information:

Email – 

Whatsapp – +91 78072 40891

Dates: Thurs 24/8 4pm – Sun 27/8 3pm

Website: Ascension Astrology & Yoga


Language: English

8-10 September – Sunyoga Basic Course (Levels 1,2 and 3) (Penang, Malaysia)

Malaysia Basic 2013




Thomas (+60) 0122310880

Shanker Ganesh (+60) 0195708747

Michelle Goi Meng Hui (+60) 0126961133

Diamond Yong (+60) 0162121622

14-20 September – Sunyoga Advanced Course (Level 4) (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Not confirmed, but it will most likely be 14-20 September. Arrival one day before.

Venue: Kuala Lumpur (TBA)

Contact: Diamond Yong (+60) 0162121622

Lalitha Ma (+60) 0178885024

Sunyogi on a boat in the river.

6-8 October – Sunyoga Basic Course (Levels 1,2 and 3) (Junagadh, Gujarat, India)


Amba Bhagat ni Jagya, Rupayatan Road, Girnar, Junagadh, Gujarat

Language: Hindi

Price: Rs.2700/- as registration fee. The fee includes shared accommodation, tea/coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Apart from this, if anyone wants to support the divine mission of revered Sunyogi Umasankar Ji, they can give a free donation.

Contact: Mayur Yagnik 9879585980

Vishu Bapu 9106813829

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Guru Purnima 2023

Guru Purnima 2023
Sunyogi at Guru Purnima 2023.

Swamiji spent time with several of his close disciples at Guru Purnima. It was a great moment for everyone to share such a good moment, and everyone was pleased and blissful.

Guru Purnima blessings 2023
Blessings and pranam at Guru Purnima 2023.
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Sunyogis trips to Nepal and Mauritius in July

Nepal Sunyogi travels
Lake in Nepal.

In July, Swamiji traveled to Nepal to relax in nature and meet the great saint and friend Trilobaba. They had a good time and visited a few temples. They were taking a trip to Pokhara to see this lovely city. 

Shiva Nepal
Shiva temple in Nepal.
Coral in Mauritius.

At the end of July, Swamiji went on another trip to Mauritius. Mauritius’s nature is exceptional and colorful. Being in nature might help Swamiji connect deeper in his Sadhana and research for humanity.

Mountain in Mauritius.
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A reflection

by Prakash

I attended the Basic Sunyoga workshop held in Austria last June. It was my first class in 3 years. I started Sunyoga in 2015 with the basic course in France. After that, I took several basic and advanced courses through the years. I used to enjoy Sunyogi’s presence and follow him when I could. The last class I joined was in March 2020 in Maharashtra. Then Corona happened with the lockdown and border control, the European tour got canceled, and Swamiji went to the Himalayas for three years. But after some time, he thought he should visit the people practicing Sunyoga sincerely and encourage them, and he started a world tour.

A Sun halo was spotted at the Ashram in July.

His tour in France got canceled, but he managed to get into Austria, where he held the advanced course followed by the basic course, which I attended. For me, this was the first time in 3 years I could meet with Swamiji and the first class I had with him in 3 years as well… It was so powerful!!! It was the exact words, stories, and analogies, the same theories I knew by heart, but suddenly it had a deeper meaning, so strong it turned my mind upside down. I got answers to some questions about my Sadhana, and my doubts got cleared. All this just by silently being in the class, as you have probably also experienced.
I am impressed by the simplicity and depth of Sunyogi, who is an excellent example of surrender and determination, a great Sadhak. How he talks from his own experience, which gives him great self-confidence, is a great inspiration, giving me the strength to push myself deeper into my practice. What a blessing to have him! Sunyogi Umasankar Ji ka pranam.
If you have the opportunity to join an upcoming course, do it! Even if you have attended the basic course ten times already. You might get a new aspect of your spiritual journey that will benefit you. All the best to you and your Sadhana.

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New Video

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Babaji and the parents of Sunyogi.

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Josna (French Sadhaka) is doing her evening walk at Lachhipur.

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Om Anand Om

Flower in the sunset in Mauritius.

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