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Dear divine brothers and sisters of the Universe,

In March, the most important event was the Universal Peace Conference we had online from March 24-26. It was a very successful event, and several articles will cover it in between Newsletter No9 and No10. Videos have started coming out and will continue far into April. Sunyogi will start his world tour in April by conducting his first Basic Course in Gujarat for a long time. We are happy many will have the chance to get course from him again. We can also announce our cows can soon walk free as a fence is being built for them.


Axel and The Editorial Board

Om Anand Om.


Balinese dancers at UPC2023.

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16 April – Mahavatar Babaji Meditation (Online)

Zoom link to join us: 
Time: 7 pm IST | 10:30 pm MYT | 2:30 pm CET | 8:30 am EST | 5:30 am PST Find out the correct time for your time zone here
Next upcoming dates: 21 May | 18 June
Contact: Jonathan Charpentier  +1 (612) 670-2264  (USA mobile/ WhatsApp)
14-16 April – Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Beginner Course (Junagadh [Girnar], Gujarat, India)


This is a very unique opportunity. This might be the only Basic Sunyoga course Sunyogi will do in India during his 3-year retreat time.

Dates: 14-16 April

Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar

Place: Amba Bhagat ni Jagya Kachhi Bhavan Road

(Girnar Taleti) Junagadh (Bhavnath) Gujarat, India

Phone: (+91) 9106813829, (+91) 9879585980


Language: Hindi

29 April-1 May – Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Beginner Course (Paris, France)

Dates: 29 April – 1st May (arrival 28)
Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar
Place: Paris Nord (95), 30 min train from Paris gare du Nord
Cost: 305€ all inclusive (5€ for Association Sunyoga France).
Capacity: 27 persons
Phone/WhatsApp: Tristan +33 6 59 71 04 28 ; Olivier +33 6 06 72 68 53 ; Hélène +33 6 79 83 62 59
Language: French, English

7-13 June – Sunyoga Level 4 Advanced Course (Austria)


Dates: 7-13 June (arrival 6)

Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar

Contact: Andrea +43 664 5291351, Michaela +43 699 19027681, Bernd +43 664 828 70 32

16-18 June – Sunyoga Level 3 Basic Beginner Course (Austria)


Download PDF with all details (in English)

Download PDF with all details (in German)

Dates: 16-18 June (arrival 15)

Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar

Contact: Andrea +43 664 5291351, Michaela +43 699 19027681, Bernd +43 664 828 70 32

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by Seava/aka Lisa J. Wolf

“Opening/Nari Shakti Energy,” “Practice Makes Perfect,” “Global Art Exhibition,” “Magical Natural Science”

By Seava/aka Lisa J. Wolf, M.F.A.

It has been 25 years since Sunyogi, to answer the needs and prayers of the people he met as he was on his walking route around India, organized an annual spiritual conference for three consecutive days every year. 

The first conference was held at Lachipur, Sri Umasankar’s home village, from the 22nd to 24th of June 1998 and has since been conducted almost every year, except for 2001 and 2002 as the economic burden was too high. Even COVID could not stop the Universal Peace Conference as the UPC went Virtual, and continued to be so this 25th year.

With the Spiritual Presence of Mahavatar Babaji and Sri UmaSankar, who continues his spiritual sadhana in the Himalayas, the 2023 Universal Peace Conference began via Zoom, March 24th at 11 a.m. IST/6:30 PM CST/10:30 PST with attendees from around the world seeing each other on screen as the opening prayer, the Ved Mantra, was chanted by Moderator Mataji Meena Bindal and the blowing of a ram’s horn and the introduction of Smita Ma, University Peace Center President at Sri Umasankar’s Ashram began the conference in a sacred way. 

Smita Ma, who has a Masters Degree in Education and is working on a doctorate and who works selflessly for the Center, welcomed everyone.

“Om anand om, pranaam and regards to Mahavatar Babaji and Pranam to Guruji Sri Umasankar” and to every person by whose gift “we are today here.” Then from the Universal Peace Center ashram, candles were lit. “2023 conference is started,” proclaimed Smita Ma who turned the event back to Jonathan Charpentier who welcomed everyone attending to light a candle.

Then, thanks to the miracle of Zoom, we shared in the blessings from Mahavatar Amar Jyoti Babaji’s ashram in Pahlampur. Smita Ma explained that Amar Jyoti Babaji is the living example of peace for when “he talks, when he walks, when he eats, we can feel the silence and the deep silence.”

As the Pahlampur Ashram could not live stream, they sent photos shared with attendees taken at that moment in Pahlampur at the Babaji Meditation Center in Northern India.

Dr. Vikas Saxena spoke next and gave his thanks for the grace of Babaji and Swamiji Sun Yogi. He thanked Sri Umasankar’s organizing team for continuing online, with special acknowledgment to Smita Ma, Axel Johannsson, Jonathan Charpentier, Meena Bindal, and Ula Libal who made the event come alive in “a very professional way.” 

Dr. Saxena related that the Universal Peace Center is moving forward with the global vision of a self-sustainable ecosystem based on universal peace and harmony at a global level irrespective of religion, caste, creed, and nationality. He noted the UPC will be participating in the upcoming G20 “with this kind of a vision.” 

Next attendees were treated to the beautiful and sacred singing of Vaishnavi and Shambhavi, amazing 10-year-old classically-trained twin singers from India, who had delighted attendees at the 2022 UPC Conference. “Good morning to all,” said the little princesses as they delighted attendees with a beautiful medley of sacred songs in the ancient tongue of India. 

Smita Chatterjee, President of the Prasenjit Ashram, framed the underlying theme of the Universal Peace Conference as highlighting the need for the empowerment of the Divine Feminine expounding on the topic of Nari Shakti.

Smita Ma spoke of how essential the rise and conscious nurturance of Nari Shakti is, which in Sanskrit means feminine power, and reflected on how modern women taking charge of their own lives follows the ancient tradition of Nari Shakti, a concept that has been in Vedic culture since time immemorial with the Mother Goddess revered by such names as Durga and as Mother Earth herself. 

Smita Ma reflected that in Southern Indian culture the 

Goddess was worshipped as the Mother, able to do what man cannot: give birth. Smita Ma noted that while man “is the source of birth…no one can come here to enjoy his or her life” without Nari Shakti. 

“Women are powerful,” Smita Ma said as she noted how shameful it is for society at large that women’s right to vote was granted worldwide only in the second half of the 20th century. Smita Ma framed the entire Universal Peace Conference with the call for respect of the Divine Mother (foreshadowing the discussion on Matrilineal Sovereignty and Power that followed on the second day of the conference).

Smita Ma pointed out that the value of women did not have to be proven since without women nothing can be done and creation would not exist without women. Smita Ma noted that countries and nations that do not respect women have never been great. 

Smita Ma spoke of how Sri Umasankar speaks of the Mother as the Icon throughout the Multiverse and of how all mothers and children must be helped to come out of the dark shadows of poverty, addiction and bad behavior. She conveyed Sri Umasankarji’s message that women must stand on their own feet and become financially secure and independent. Mata Smita pointed out that the road to development cannot be traveled without the empowerment of women, who in India are presently almost 50 percent of the population. 

Mata Smita conveyed Swamiji’s message to mothers globally to “please give birth to godchild,” as more Nari Shakti is needed in the next generation to protect Mother Earth. Smita Ma upheld the vision of women embodying their original spiritual power and to be “whole and independent,” free from suppression and from the need to be defined as existing for someone else. 

Smita Ma reflected on how for the past 2,000 years or more women have not been able to fully utilize their spiritual power; rather women’s spiritual image has been limited to the likes of the Virgin Mary; and while women were put on pedestals and worshipped for purity; at the same time they were denigrated and excluded from political and religious practice. 

Smita Ma noted that women have the capacity and attributes to take their place in politics and spirituality, as women know how to serve and give with the ability to put others first; yet noted that ability to put others first must be balanced with courage. Shakti means power, energy or force and in the Indian tradition Nari Shakti is a vital word. The Divine Feminine is considered as the source of energy and the world is a play of creation and destruction designated by “the Lady,” as Smita Ma said. 

Nari Shakti, Smita Ma related, is the fundamental force and She is Creation that sustains change and is the source of everything in the world as “there is no limit to how energy can manifest.” Smita Ma extolled “the boundless vigor of woman provided she is allowed to develop.”

President Smita Ma noted that from the 22nd to 24th of March in India is the time of Devi Durga devotion where all people perform ceremony in honor of Devi Durga, the symbol of female power. 

Devi Shakti Durga, Smita Ma explained, is the Mother who can protect us all: a woman of many talents and powers who can triumph over evil. Smita Ma reflected that in society women have boundless vigor and power, provided women are allowed to develop their skills; for, as Smita Ma noted, a woman whose skills and powers are developed is an unstoppable force like Devi Durga who demonstrated strength of mind and body and was an individual with tremendous psychological resolve, an invaluable quality in all women that ought to be amplified, according to Smita Ma. Facing fear, Durga always remained steadfast, said Smita Ma; for while Devi Durga had fears she chose to face them head on. 


Smita Ma related how Durga as the embodiment of Nari Shakti tamed the white lion and the lesson therein is for women to not let fear determine their actions.

Smita Ma noted that being a mother is the divine mission assigned to women alone and pointed out the adage that the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world; illustrating the influence a mother plays both to her child and in the long run to society. Smita Ma pointed out that women are given an opportunity and privilege by God to give life to another human being and noted mothers are inherently the first and best teachers and the givers of life. 

However, Smita Ma cautioned, despite progress, there is a long way to go and that the empowerment of women is a crucial need of the time.

On behalf of the Lachipur Ashram, President Smita Chatterjee expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister of West Bengal for her support of women’s education. 

Not to denigrate the importance of men, Smita Ma noted that men are also essential. “Without a father, without a husband, how?” Smita Ma asked as she closed, reiterating her thanks and gratitude. 

Moderator Meena Bindal noted that Smita Ma embodied the principles she expressed as President of the Prasenjit Ashram and marveled at how Smita Ma manages her responsibilities as a mother and wife, duties for the Ashram, school and work and Mata Meena marveled at how Smita Ma could do so much; and Smita Ma related that she practices self-discipline and begins her day with devotion and meditation before she turns to the morning meal and recommended all mothers begin their day with spiritual practice and requested mothers throughout the world be disciplined and of good morals and give their children a good example. 

The Second Session, “Practice Makes Perfect” began with Martin Pavlina participating from Croatia who explored how we can improve ourselves and society through Tai Chi Chuan. Martin pointed out that in this age lack of movement and our sedentary lives including coming home and watching television means most activity involves sitting which causes obesity, bone problems, muscle problems, heart problems, etc., due to the body slowly losing its capability. Martin explained how our body position influences our mental state. Martin explained how martial arts allows us to overcome ourselves and emerge victorious so that our magnetic field will not allow fighting to happen, to lead to a peaceful life. He related how Tai Chi Chuan’s circular non-aggressive movements stretch the body, and synchronize the left and right sides of the brain and bridge the yin [feminine]/yang [masculine] duality of the brain. 

In the Tai Chi philosophy, the basic symbol of the Tao reflects the balance between male and female and dualities. 

The constant interchange during Tai Chi practice, Martin explained, allows one to reach the still middle point within, which is neither male nor female. 

To reach that point, Tai Chi makes peace between the dualities and the deeper journey starts when we can go beyond the duality of yin and yang and leads to the development of inner and outer movement in accordance with the Law of Nature. 

Martin expounded on how he participated in a study on how children’s emotions were influenced by Tai Chi over 45 days with one group practicing Tai Chi and one not. 

Measurements showed that initially negative emotions in both groups were high. After 45 days of training, the group practicing Tai Chi showed positive emotions higher than expected and negative emotions decreased. 

Martin discussed how education ought to focus on balancing the body/mind connection and by changing the individual we can change the society to be happy and healthy. 

Next Jai Kumar Pilay presented. Since 2001 he has taught in Bombay. Not one to simply lecture, Jai Kumar interactively taught conference participants valuable techniques for self-healing. 

Explaining how he came to be the teacher and healer he is now, Sri Jai Kumar related that in 1996, he read Autobiography of a Yogi and in 2013 he met Swamiji UmaSankar and learned Sun Yoga and travelled to the Himalayas. 

Not one to waste time, Jai Kumar turned to teaching how to do gratitude to the Universe [see 2:18:27 Day 1] so the “divine blessings will follow you.” Jai Kumar said people think too much, making them mentally weak, and avowed Sun Yoga is one of the easiest and fastest methods for self-realization and healing; and he taught how to unlock chakras [2:37:50]. 

From Sovereignty and Power session at UPC2023.

In the group discussion participants discussed questions from listeners about how to help the youth afflicted with depression and addicted to computers and video games and Martin discussed how Tai Chi practice could transform the youth. 

Day 1 continued with the “Global Art Exhibition,’ sharing footage featuring the art of Sun Yoga initiates Michaela Wiegele, Klara Ingvarsdotter, and Ewa Olsson, sister, and mother of Axel Johannson; and then Trilobaba from Nepal, a “happy hippie living in Kathmandu.” All the art shared was soul expressions of inner enlightenment. 

(Full Video from the session will be released April 5)

The next session, “Magical Science,” featured Inaya Oakroot who shared how we can incorporate with our higher selves and related how her path is dedicated to the healing arts. She related how her work led her to write several books about the new reality and shift of consciousness and about how to navigate in this new paradigm. Inaya explored her teaching on Unfolding: Awakening to Your Pure Potential, a book she explained about how duality can heal itself. Inaya pointed out that duality is a torus. If we see duality as separated from god it is two counterparts black and white from which we have created shadows. 

Inaya explained as she sees it, we live in a web of interconnected reality in which everyone depending on which counterparts we are focusing on we create a web we experience as reality and everyone has their own reality created by the mind and emotions and reactions. Duality is our own choice. 

Inaya related how the victim gets into a triangle with the accuser and the perpetrator and then the victim accuses the perpetrator for perpetrating and then goes on to be the perpetrator within the fire element of duality and we go around and around until we step out of the triangles. 

Inaya explained from her understanding, when Source becomes reality when we see how it could be on the other side of the coin of polarity we can see that form and materiality are totally in our view and what can help is geometry light or sound, which is outside of time and space.

Inside the field of love we can create anything. Inaya led a guided meditation to take us to “a reality that has always been there residing inward in every here and now. The breath of Creation.” 

Next, Trilobaba presented on how we can overcome addiction having had addiction problems in his life. Trilobaba related we are addicted with many things like nicotine, alcohol, hard and soft drugs, food, sex, many addictions come to us. Trilobaba related that if we develop our inner will power with the help of the divine energy we “could come out of it.” He drank from morning to night, smoked as much as 3 packs of cigarettes a day, took LSD, using and misusing substances. At one point, Trilobaba had to choose whether he wanted to live or die and so he chose life and began kriya yoga and met Sun Yogi and began doing Sun Yoga to bring back his will power. 

Trilobaba related when we use the Divine Power within we can heal ourselves with the energy of the sun. Trilobaba also has experienced healing with Nature from which he gets “everything.” At 76, he still feels like a child thanks to spending time with the sun. 

Gro sings in the snow from Swedish forest at UPC2023.

Next, Nitin Ahuja shared on the deep science and transformational seemingly miraculous benefits of Agnihotra, also known as Panchgavya. Trained as an engineer, Nitin shifted his focus to Spirituality and in 2017 he did a Master’s Diploma in “Panchgavya Therapy.” In that course, he has learned the importance of the Indian Breed Desi Cow (with A2 Milk) and its five products (cow’s dung, urine, milk, curd, and ghee), useful in our daily Life, and useful in purifying our inner self. 

During that course, he met Swamiji Sunyogi Umasankar and started practicing “Sun yoga” in 2017. 

Nitin spoke of the importance of Agnihotra in our lives and affirmed how fire ceremony done properly makes Sun Yoga more powerful in our lives. He expounded on Yagya/Yajna, selfless sacrifice for noble purposes, of which there are 400 types defined in the Shastras. Yagya is a Principle while Agnihotra is a process driven by the principle. The purpose of Yagya is to nurture and balance nature, purify the environment and remove diseases from our body. 

Yagna/Agnihotra coordinates fire science, Ayurvedic herb science and mantra science. Ahuja relates the beauty of Agnihotra is in combining the 3 sciences allowing the benefit to be amplified. Ahuja explored how Yagyopathy is used for the treatment of physical and mental diseases including proving to be a viable treatment and cure for diseases ranging from mental illness to cancer. 

(Full Video from the session will be released April 7)

The remainder of Day 1, “Indian Yoga Technology” and “Turtle Island Heartsongs” as well as Day 2 and 3 of the Universal Peace Conference will be expounded on in forthcoming articles.

Om Anand Om.

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“Choose Heaven” a poem

by Seava/aka Lisa J. Wolf

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