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Dear divine brothers and sisters of the Universe,

Dear divine Brothers and Sisters of the Universe, June has been quite a successful month after many struggles to get Sunyogi a visa. He gave one course in Mexico, the first on the American continent, and two courses in Austria after four years of waiting in Europe for him to return. In this issue, we will share recent happenings.

Sunyogi bicycle in air
Sunyogi bicycle in the air.


Axel and The Editorial Board

Om Anand Om.

mountains newsletter no12
Austrian mountain tops.

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16 July – Mahavatar Babaji Meditation (Online)

Zoom link to join us: 
Time: 7 pm IST | 10:30 pm MYT | 2:30 pm CET | 8:30 am EST | 5:30 am PST Find out the correct time for your time zone here
Next upcoming dates: August 20
Contact: Jonathan Charpentier  +1 (612) 670-2264  (USA mobile/ WhatsApp)
sunyoga white flowers austria
White flowers blooming.

25-27 August – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1,2 and 3) (Sydney, Australia)

More info come soon.

Three Babajis
Three Babajis in one picture.

8-10 September – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1,2 and 3) (Penang, Malaysia)




Thomas (+60) 0122310880

Shanker Ganesh (+60) 0195708747

Michelle Goi Meng Hui (+60) 0126961133

Diamond Yong (+60) 0162121622

lama kiss Sunyogi
Sunyogi nose-to-nose with a lama.

14-20 September – Sunyoga Advanced Course (Level 4) (Kuala lumpur, Malaysia)

Dates: Not confirmed but most likely 14-20 September. Arrival one day before.

Venue: Kuala Lumpur (TBA)

Contact: Diamond Yong (+60) 0162121622

Lalitha Ma (+60) 0178885024

Purple Lupinen flowers
Lupinen flowers at the Austrian mountain slope.

25 September – 1 October – Sunyoga Teacher Training Course (Gujarat, India)

Venue: Gujarat (TBA)

Language: English


Mayur Yagnik 9879585980

Vishu Bapu

Three Babajis
Three Babajis in one picture.

6-8 October – Sunyoga Basic Course (Level 1,2 and 3) (Gujarat, India)


Amba Bhagat ni Jagya, Rupayatan Road, Girnar,

Language: Hindi



Mayur Yagnik 9879585980

Vishu Bapu

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Poem from Mexico workshop

by Jonathan Carpentier
It was fantastic
While it lasted
The time it took
Now that the weekend is over
I see myself more clearly
Whether night or day
I’m sad, I’m sad
But that’s not who I am for real
It’s all just temporary
I give you my life, I give you my life
I’m leaving for the great inner journey
The infinite ocean of the Universe is waiting for me
So I’ll wait for you as long as it takes
I’m sad, I’m sad
But everything is fine
At the final destination
Everything’s good
In the silence
In the ocean
Original in Spanish
Fue fantástico
Mientras duro
El tiempo que tomó
Ahora que se acabó el fin de semana
me veo mas claro
Ya sea de noche o de día
estoy triste, estoy triste
Pero eso no es lo que soy de verdad
Todo es solo temporal
Te doy mi vida, te doy mi vida
Me voy al gran viaje interior
El océano infinito del Universo me espera.
Así que te esperaré todo el tiempo que sea necesario
estoy triste, estoy triste
pero todo esta bien
En el destino final
Todo está bien
en el silencio
En el océano
Sunyoga grouo in Mexico.
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Sunyogi visit Austria and Europe for workshops and Birthday

After a long wait because of Corona times and Swamiji´s retreat, Sunyogi finally could return to Europe, and many were eager to meet him again. Two courses were done in a beautiful natural scenic place in the Austrian village of Oberzeiring. People from many different countries came. We had people from Austria, Serbia, France, India, Sweden, Slovenia, Netherlands, Germany, Iran, and the USA.

Sun Meditation at the morning in Oberzeiring.

We all stayed together in a large house higher up in the village on the side of a hill. Under the house, there are caves that are over 100 km long, and one day we had the opportunity to explore these caves that have been used for mining silver and other minerals. The Austrian Sunyoga group organized everything well, and we all enjoyed the Austrian dishes. We had large attendance in both courses, and the created atmosphere felt like home. All enjoyed very much. Happy, Blissful, Enlighted life! Om Anand Om.

Sunyoga group advanced 2023
Group from Advanced Course in Oberzeiring Austria 2023.

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Sunyoga exercises Austria
Sunyoga morning exercises at the football field in Oberzeiring.

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Om Anand Om


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