A Tribute to Mahavatar Babaji Statue Donar

Diamond Yong, Komang Josh Lee, Steven Seng from Malaysia, and Malaysian and Indonesian artists crafted and donated a hand-carved wood sculpture. It is a life-sized Mahavatar Babaji statue. It was recently consecrated and blessed by Yogiraj Amarjyoti on January 18th and 19th, 2021, during his visit to our Universal Peace Centre (UPC) Ashram in Lachipur, West Bengal.

Diamond, Komang, and Steven donated three other hand-carved wooden sculptures of Sunyogi Umasankar and his parents. In total, they presented four hand-carved wood sculptures to our organization. Dozens of artists from Malaysia and Indonesia gathered their talents to achieve this state-of-the-art monumental work. We are very thankful for their hearty donation.

Thanks to Diamond’s presence during one of our recent online Satsangs, we saw what this offering represents to him. We also witnessed its positive impact on the UPC, the local community, and our global family. Diamond’s peaceful face, bright eyes, and wise words touched everyone present.

Noble and uplifting individual acts are not sufficiently recognized and given respect in our modern world. Yet, we continue to yearn for those exemplary actions that inspire our brethren, ready to awaken to a better world. Diamond is kind and attentive and feels unconditional love and profound respect for Sunyogi Umasankar, which has been mutually shared since they met for the first time in India in 2003. During Sunyogi’s first visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2007, Diamond, under the guru’s guidance, brilliantly recovered fast from liver cirrhosis. He could feel significant improvements after just ten days of Sun Meditation practice; the incredible health improvement led to SupremeMaster TV interviewing him.

The friendship has grown and deepened between Sunyogi and the big Malaysian Family- Lim Bee Eng Ma, Yap, Ramdas, Lalitha Ma, and many others- through sharing social duties, organizing workshops and other selfless services, and contributing to protecting Humanity. This profound family bond is visibly manifested by Mahavatar Babaji’s statue at our UPC  and is protected by Babaji’s divine blessings. Other figures- such as those of Sri Srikanth Mohan Bag and Srimati Bimala Bala Bag, Sunyogi’s father and mother- are to be consecrated in the future; Sunyogi UmaSankar’s statue is under preparation.

The UPC members and the Sunyoga Family express their heartfelt gratitude to Diamond, Komang, Steven, and the Malaysian family and Indonesian artists for their talent, dedication, and acts of generosity over the past decades. The concluding statement from last week’s Sunyoga online Satsang meeting was from Diamond himself:

“I hope and envision that we all contribute to making the world a better place, sharing wisdom from Sunyoga with everyone, embracing our responsibilities.”

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