Performers UPC2022


Jignasha Kulkarni

Country: India

Jignasha is an international sound healer and professional trainer, yoga therapist and trainer having done post graduation in Yogic Sciences from Saurashtra University, Rekie grandmaster and Marma therapist and trainer. She has done Therapeutic Training under Dr Gore and Dr Bhole from Kevalyadham. She is also the only person conducting Garba Sanskar classes with Tibetan Sound Bowls for the entire pregnancy period with the intention of bring a healthy, intelligent and divine child into this world. She conducts her sessions both in offline and online modes. Many doctors including IVF specialist, gynecologists and Ayurveda have experienced sound healing and have suggested their patients to go for sound healing. She learned sound healing from Shri Satya Brat and Shri Chintan Dalal, renowned international sound healers.

She has conducted various workshops on yoga and meditation using the Tibetan sound bowls: in Rajkot, at IOC, at Income Tax Department and at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.  She has also travelled to Madagascar where she conducted sound healing sessions one of which was at the Indian Embassy which was a session open to the public and another at the Indian embassy, where in Ambassadors from USA, Germany, India and other countries were present. She has conducted the Train the Trainer program organized by Gujarat Government where in yoga training was imparted to physical instructors of various schools in Gujarat. She was also leading the Group Meditation with Tibetan Sound bowls at Parika Naturopathy Centre, Mangalore and Naturopathy Centre at Gomtha, Gondal.

She is also imparting sound healing training and over a short period of time has created a team spread across the globe at Singapore, Australia, USA, Madagascar apart from students in Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Vadodara and Bangalore. She has worked successfully on relief from depression, insomnia, pain management, paralysis and has also been able to lessen or dull the pain in cancer through sound healing.

Naad Brahma Healing Center broucher


Dipika Parmar

Age: 27

Country: India, Gujarat

Miss Dipika Parmar is certified yoga trainer and sound healer. She is also Bharatnatyam performer and teacher and senior disciple of Gurushree Jignesh Surani. She is working with “Tandav Nartan” Institute of Classical Dance in Rajkot and performing internationally. By other educational degrees, she has pursued Environment and Science Engineering degree. She had attended Sunyoga Workshop in 2020 and 2021 in Rajkot. She has performed at the UPC 2021 conference two times: dancing with her group from the “Tandav Nartan” Institute of Classical Dance, and performing Tibetan Sound Healing session together with Jignasha Kulkarni.


Michaela Christiana Wiegele

Age: 54

Country: Austria

Michaela Christiana Wiegele, Mag. Art., born in 1968 in Klagenfurt and raised in Nötsch im Gailtal.

In years 1991 – 1993, she attended College for Graphic Design, Higher Graphic Design College in Vienna. Later, in years 1995 – 1999, she studied at University of Vienna as a student of Philosophy, Education and Psychology. In years 1995 – 2001, she also continued her education at University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she has graduated from Prof. Leitner’s media class. Michaela lives and works as a freelance artist in Vienna and Carinthia.

Michaela’s website


Ewa Olsson

Age: 74

Country: Sweden

Ewa Olsson has been working with art for over fifty years and it is her life passion. For many years she worked in a local shop where she sold her own created sculptures. Today she has a keen interest in tactile textile art using natural materials like wool and silk. In the garden, which is another passion of hers, you find it full of sculpture installations as you stroll around. Many paintings have her own garden as motifs.

One of the keywords for her is harmony, both when it comes to color and shape. She claims working with colors is a very important aspect and she prefers to only work with 2-3 colors at a time. “Colors can give strong impressions and handled with care will give a sense of peace and fulfillment.” Common motifs in her work are green nature and colorful flowers. She has had a particular interest and been spellbound by birds, magpies in particular, dressed in tail coats, with gracious movements. The moments when the birds are taking off and flying is fascinating to her.


Vaishanvi and Shambhavi

Age: 7 (almost 8)

Country: India

Vaishanvi and Shambhavi are twin girls, born in April 2014. They are studying in Shri Ram Millennium School Noida. At a very early age of 3, they started learning Indian classical singing and classical Kathak dance from Jaipur Gharana, one of the most famous dance and music apprenticeship fraternity of North India. They have performed at various stage in India, and won various prizes.



Didi Ananda Krpa

Country: Asia, South America and Europe, now in Finland

My name is Didi Ananda Krpa. I am a yogic nun of Ananda Marga for almost 40 years. I have taught meditation and yoga to women and children in Asia, South America and Europe. I am a musician and a kiirtaniya . Kiirtaniya is a person whom plays kiirtan.



Sébastien David

Age: 50

Country: France

With a father and mother respectively organist and singer at their small village church, Sébastien grew up in a religious and musical atmosphere. He has always been interested in different kinds of musical styles. In the 90’s, he plays drums in rock and jazz bands. He also plays in the National Orchestra of Brittany, Rennes Opera and Rhizome ensemble (contemporary music creation). He also becomes musician for modern and African dance at Rennes Haute Bretagne University. In the early 2000’s, as a musician and composer for the contemporary afro dance company Kouliballets, he begins to travel around west Africa, mostly in Mali but also in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Senegal. Meeting and working with great dancers and musicians in Mali, he discovers the Donso’ngoni and becomes member of the brotherhood of hunters of Mali. Pnly way to be authorized to play and sing the repertoire of this instrument which embodies the soul of this country.

A graduate from Conservatoire de Musique of Rennes and certified teacher. He’s been teaching percussion for 30 years at La Flume Conservatoire de Musique.

Sébastien met Sunyogi in 2017 during a Sunyoga basic course in France and see him every time he comes back.



“Tandav Nartan” Institute of Classical Dance

Country: India, Gujarat, Rajkot

Name: Jignesh Surani

Age: 36

Mr. Surani is an International Bharatnatyam Indian Classical Dance Performer and founder of “Tandav Nartan” Institute of Classical Dance, Rajkot, Gujarat in India. He is educationalist and professional Choreographer of Bharatnatyam and folk dances of India. He had attended Basic course of Sunyoga at Rajkot in March 2021. At the conference UPC 2021, he performed Bharatnatyam Dance with his disciples Ms. Dipika Parmar, Mr. Krishn Hinglajiya and Ms. Nirali Maradiya.

Name: Dipika Parmar

Age: 27

Miss Dipika Parmar is Bharatnatyam Performer and teacher and Senior Disciple of Gurushree Jignesh Surani. She is working with Tandav Nartan Institute at Rajkot and performing internationally. By other educational degrees, she has pursued Environment and Science Engineering degree, Certified Yoga trainer and Sound healer. She had attended Sunyoga Workshop in 2020 and 2021 at Rajkot.

Name: Krishn Hinglajiya

Age: 25

Mr. Krishn Hinglajiya is a Bharatnatyam Performer and teacher and Disciple of Gurushree Jignesh Surani. He is working with Tandav Nartan Institute at Rajkot and Performing internationally. By other educational degrees Krishn is Computer Engineer.

Name: Nirali Maradiya

Age: 16

Ms. Nirali is 10th Standard student and learning Bharatnatyam Dance also performing in different Events nationally. She has won many group and solo competitions of Bharatnatyam. She performed Bharatnatyam with group at the conference the conference UPC 2021 too.

Tandav Nartan’s website

Facebook profile · Instagram · YouTube channel


Devang Raval “Aman”

Age: 58

Country: India, Gujarat

Aman ( Devang Raval ) is an artist for whom painting is a medium to connect to life and its essence. He came on this planet in the year 1964 and is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Qualified from Sheth C.N College of Fine arts in the year 1984. The first art exhibition he participated in was organised by Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in the year 1993. Post then he did six solo exhibitions and three group shows. Aman had received art appreciations from 36 organisations / individuals. He chooses to paint between 4am to 8am only.

One of the miraculous experience he shares about feeling Maha Avatar Baba Ji. Once a sadhak approached him to do a painting of Maha Avatar Baba Ji and to be given in a specific duration. Aman said, it’s a work of 60 days and in those days it was monsoon, so he said time could get extended, but the sadhak insisted to begin the work and keep a faith on Baba Ji that it would get completed on time. Aman said I’ve been painting for years and I’m aware of mechanism of paint getting dried on canvas, etc. hence doing it in a short time is impossible, but had to take the work as the sadhak insisted a lot. He began painting to his surprise the paint used to get dry on canvas in unexpected time and he felt as if some energy is making him paint in a specific way. Finally the painting got completed in 21 days instead of 60 days and was handed over in committed time. Even today Aman recalls that event as a supernatural experience give to him by Maha Avatar Baba Ji.


Chloé Albares

Country: France

Chloé Albares is a French singer whose voice is at the Service of the Heart.

After a long course of studies and concerts in lyrical singing and contemporary music, she was introduced to the expression of living singing which brings the being back to the present. Sensitive to the beauty of sounds and harmonic richness, she composes melodies inspired by mantras and texts from all languages. She lets flow through her voice a Silence inhabited by Peace, where conscious Unity is revealed.


Azad Hind International Karate Foundation

Country: India

On 21st day of October, 1987 at Lal Quila, Delhi Azad Hind Volunteer’s Council was formed by Swami Anand Bharati, a saint with a vision of social upliftment of the poor and down trodden and help them to join hands-in-hand with the normal society and become an equal respectful citizen of the today’s civilized society. He started with many educational programmes for the young, middle aged and veterans, skilled training to help themselves without being dependent on anyone. As a result of his sincere efforts he opened a voluntary organization called Azad Hind Karate.

Initially the mission was started in 21st October, 1988 with 17 girls in Chandramoni Brahmabalika Vidyalaya, Kanthi by Azad Hind Volunteer’s Council and then we thought over to create a formal way of Martial Arts education.

The registered society Azad Hind Karate is inclined to develop the Martial Arts skill amongst the student in order to become a sincere and awakened citizen with the social responsibility. The society with its endeavours has helped many students find a definite way, approach, visibility and character building.

The main activities of Azad Hind Karate Foundation are: Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation, Free Homoeopathy Treatment, Blood Donation Camp and Educational aid to the poor and deprived.

Participants names of Azad Hind Volunteer Council (Jhargram wing):
Bhabani Mahapatra, Vivekananda Mahata, Purna Das, Dolan Shee, Subhashis Barik, Dradip Dhali, Jay Mahata, Chandan Mahata, Amit Mahata, Susana Khilari and 100 more from Azad Hind International Karate Foundation.

Central co-ordinator: Swami Ananda Varati Maharaj

Azad Hind Karate Foundation website



Jajvalya Shukla

Country: India

With the thought of giving their child an environment supportive to naturally bring out the natural uniqueness my parents decided not to fix me in any typical framework. They never sent me to school. We had no graded textbooks, no exams. They gave me freedom and opportunity to lean and explore the subjects of our choice at home. This helped me to keep alive the leaner within me… always… In this learning process I explored and learnt many things and I observed that I love to go deeper in the things that helps to keep me connected with the Universe and The Divine.

In the journey of Self Discovery at present I am a trainer of Pranic Healing and Meditation. Mainly guiding the people in their spiritual journey and inner search. I am providing counselling for parents, students and professional.

My love and passion for music is expressed through Tabla. Along with being a professional Tabla performer I am the founder of “Anushthaan Academy of Tabla” where I am sharing the love and joy of Tabla and the wisdom of rhythm with my students.

My motto is: Living Life with Rhythm – Moment to Moment –
“Connecting with rhythm in a unique way onto the path of Self-Discovery and Peace”


Gîta Harh

Country: India, Lachipur ashram

Gîta Harh is an experienced singer, often leading the evening Aarti ceremony, and the motherly soul of Lachipur ashram, always feeding all hungry comers with delicious food. She is also a mother and grandmother. She has more than 40 years of experience in singing. She will perform directly from the ashram.


Jonathan Charpentier

Country: France and USA

Jonathan Charpentier (JC) is a 37 year old French-American artist and educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. From 2002 to 2004 he studied at EFET photography school of Paris. Helped by his mentor Jean-Marie Aragon (Les Frigos, Paris), he opened his photography business in 2002. Jonathan has been internationally published, worked for 11 movies, and been featured in art exhibitions in France, the Netherlands, and the USA.
In 2012 Jonathan started his self-realization journey with Sunyogi Umasankar’s basic workshop in Saint-Prix France. The 2013 Charbonnières advanced course led him to go to India for a 30-day acupressure workshop at the Universal Peace Centre Trust (UPCT) Ashram in Lachipur, West Bengal.
Seva (selfless work) gave birth to the French branch of the UPCT in 2015 (Association Sunyoga France) as well as its American branch (Sunyoga America) in 2019. The same year Jonathan spent 3 months with Sunyogi Umasankar travelling in India, Malaysia, and France to assist with the workshops and the Universal Peace Conference in Ferrette, France. In 2020 the Covid crisis started raising global health and financial questions. Since then Jonathan has been studying about decentralized finance, blockchain, and trading. Under Sunyogi Umasankar’s guidance, Jonathan’s goal is to help funding and building the UPCT University. 
The blueprint is a +6000 year-old philosophy called Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Maha Viswavidyalaya: global family home mega university. It includes an orphanage and elderly home under the same roof, food production, clothing, construction, health system, basic school and advanced education, where everything is an ecosystem for long term sustainability. Help from volunteers from all around the world is welcome.
From now on Jonathan plans on coming back to France and India. His purpose is to help in growing and nurturing the UPCT family tree. Long term his ideal plan is to move to India when Sunyogi comes back from his 3-year retreat (2024) and become a citizen of the civilization of Bharat.