Perfomers UPC 2021


Sayee Adhikkumar Gore

Age: 9

Country: India, Maharashtra

Sayee lives in Pimpari, Pune, Maharashtra. She is 9 years old and attends 4th class in Alphonsa High School Kalewadi. She loves dancing and her other hobby is cooking.

She graduated from the Basic Level Sunyoga Course in January 2020, and Advance Level Sunyoga Course in Feburary 2021.  She is the youngest child in the World who underwent Samadhi experience through step by step practice of Sunyoga. During the UPC 2021 conference, Sayee will perform an Indian traditional dance.

s Shreya

Shreya Santosh Gotipamul

Age: 13

Country: India, Maharashtra

Shreya is 13 years old and lives with her artistic family in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. She attends 7th class in Bhausaheb Firodiya High School in Ahmednagar. In her free time, she likes drawing and craft.

She took part in the Basic Level Sunyoga Course twice – in March 2020 and in March 2021. She also graduated from the Advance Level Sunyoga Course in March 2021 and attended Samadhi experience successfully. She is the 2nd youngest child in the World who experienced Samadhi thanks to practice of Sunyoga. Shreya will sing two prayers in Marathi and Hindi, and will give Samadhi testimony in English at the conference UPC 2021.


Soham Sham Yemul

Age: 10

Country: India, Maharashtra

Soham is 10 years old and lives with his parents Sham and Sonali in Solapur, Maharashtra. He studies in 4th class at Shri M. F. Damani Primary School Solapur. His main hobby are string puppets. He has been performing this art since the age of five.

On 1st July 2019, the India Book of Records announced him the India’s Youngest Ventriloquist & String Puppeteer. At the time of record, Soham was only 8 years old. He is been doing the ventriloquism art shows since age of 5 years at Ganesh Mandals and various social organizations, schools etc. He is been spreading social awareness and entertaining through this art. Soham has been awarded numerous prizes in more than 18 acting and elocution competitions on district, national and worldwide level, in years 2017-2020.

His other interests are cricket, swimming, watching Youtube videos, mobile games, running, singing powada, ventriloquism, mimicry, oratory, acting, magic tricks and beating drums (Tasha).

Soham’s record on India Book of Records

Soham’s website · Facebook profile · Youtube channel · Instagram


“Tandav Nartan” Institute of Classical Dance

Country: India, Gujarat, Rajkot

Name: Jignesh Surani
Age: 35

Mr. Surani is an International Bharatnatyam Indian Classical Dance Performer and founder of “Tandav Nartan” Institute of Classical Dance, Rajkot, Gujarat in India. He is educationalist and professional Choreographer of Bharatnatyam and folk dances of India. He had attended Basic course of Sunyoga at Rajkot in March 2021. At the conference UPC 2021, he will perform Bharatnatyam Dance with his disciples Ms. Dipika Parmar, Mr. Krishn Hinglajiya and Ms. Nirali Maradiya.

Name: Dipika Parmar
Age: 26

Miss Dipika Parmar is Bharatnatyam Performer and teacher and Senior Disciple of Gurushree Jignesh Surani. She is working with Tandav Nartan Institute at Rajkot and performing internationally. By other educational degrees, she has pursued Environment and Science Engineering degree, Certified Yoga trainer and Sound healer. She had attended Sunyoga Workshop in 2020 and 2021 at Rajkot. She will perform Bharatnatyam at this conference with her Guru.

Name: Krishn Hinglajiya
Age: 24

Mr. Krishn Hinglajiya is a Bharatnatyam Performer and teacher and Disciple of Gurushree Jignesh Surani. He is working with Tandav Nartan Institute at Rajkot and Performing internationally. By other educational degrees Krishn is Computer Engineer. He will perform Bharatnatyam in this conference with his guru.

Name: Nirali Maradiya
Age: 15

Ms. Nirali is 10th Standard student and learning Bharatnatyam Dance also performing in different Events nationally. She has won many group and solo competitions of Bharatnatyam. She will perform Bharatnatyam with group at the conference the conference UPC 2021.

The group will perform:

Aradhana – Nrityanjali to Suryanarayana

1. Pushpanjali
2. Surya Allaripu
3. Rama Stuti
4. Suryashtakam
5. Hanuman Chalisa

Tandav Nartan’s website

Facebook profile · Instagram · YouTube channel


Tiyasa Sardar

Age: 19

Country: India, West Bengal

Tiyasa is 19 years old and lives in Serampore, Hooghly in Kolkata. She attends 12th class at Serampore Girls’ High School. She took part in the Basic Level Sunyoga Course in April 2021, and Acupressure Class in March 2021. From then, she has practiced acupressure on herself and thanks to it, she has totally cured some problems. Now, she gives a free service to others and practices acupressure on 4 patients.

Tiyasa loves reading story books, and are an author: writing own poems and stories. She also gives free service and helps to anyone in need. At the UPC 2021 conference, Tiyasa will perform Rabindric dance with her 11-years old sister Antika.

Tiyasa’s Facebook profile


Jignasha Kulkarni

Country: India

Jignasha is an international sound healer and professional trainer, yoga therapist and trainer having done post graduation in Yogic Sciences from Saurashtra University, Rekie grandmaster and Marma therapist and trainer. She has done Therapeutic Training under Dr Gore and Dr Bhole from Kevalyadham. She is also the only person conducting Garba Sanskar classes with Tibetan Sound Bowls for the entire pregnancy period with the intention of bring a healthy, intelligent and divine child into this world. She conducts her sessions both in offline and online modes. Many doctors including IVF specialist, gynecologists and Ayurveda have experienced sound healing and have suggested their patients to go for sound healing. She learned sound healing from Shri Satya Brat and Shri Chintan Dalal, renowned international sound healers.

She has conducted various workshops on yoga and meditation using the Tibetan sound bowls: in Rajkot, at IOC, at Income Tax Department and at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.  She has also travelled to Madagascar where she conducted sound healing sessions one of which was at the Indian Embassy which was a session open to the public and another at the Indian embassy, where in Ambassadors from USA, Germany, India and other countries were present. She has conducted the Train the Trainer program organized by Gujarat Government where in yoga training was imparted to physical instructors of various schools in Gujarat. She was also leading the Group Meditation with Tibetan Sound bowls at Parika Naturopathy Centre, Mangalore and Naturopathy Centre at Gomtha, Gondal.

She is also imparting sound healing training and over a short period of time has created a team spread across the globe at Singapore, Australia, USA, Madagascar apart from students in Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Vadodara and Bangalore. She has worked successfully on relief from depression, insomnia, pain management, paralysis and has also been able to lessen or dull the pain in cancer through sound healing.

Naad Brahma Healing Center broucher


Dipika Parmar

Age : 26

Country: India, Gujarat

Miss Dipika Parmar is certified yoga trainer and sound healer. She is also Bharatnatyam performer and teacher and senior disciple of Gurushree Jignesh Surani. She is working with “Tandav Nartan” Institute of Classical Dance in Rajkot and performing internationally. By other educational degrees, she has pursued Environment and Science Engineering degree. She had attended Sunyoga Workshop in 2020 and 2021 in Rajkot. She will perform at the UPC 2021 conference two times: dancing with her group from the “Tandav Nartan” Institute of Classical Dance, and performing Tibetan Sound Healing session together with Jignasha Kulkarni.


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