Speakers UPC2022


D. R. Kaarthikeyan

Age: 81

Country: India, New Delhi

D. R. Kaarthikeyan was born to an agricultural family in a small village called Devarayapuram in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India, in 1939. He obtained B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and Agriculture from the Annamalai University. He also obtained Bachelor of Law degree from the Madras Law College and was enrolled as an Advocate in the Bar Council of Madras. Among numerous offices he held in Indian Police Service, he is a former Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation and Director General of National Human Rights Commission. Kaarthikeyan headed the Special Investigation Team that probed the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Currently, he is a President of Foundation for Peace, Harmony and Good Governance. In 2006, he led a group of “Yatris” (pilgrims) on a month-long trekking to Kailash-Manasarovar, the holiest of holy places for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains in Tibet-China.

More about D.R. Kaarthikeyan

DRK’s Newsletter (April 2021)



Age: 56

Country: Worldwide

Mohanji is a world-respected humanitarian and the founder of the Mohanji International Foundation which has activities across 5 continents, registered charitable offices in 16 countries and its headquarters based in Switzerland. Mohanji’s life purpose is to unite the world with the highest values of love, kindness, compassion and selflessness. He believes that Humanity is the best religion for humans and the best practice is Ahimsa or Non-violence; in thoughts, words or actions. Mohanji emphasises a lifestyle of purity, non-violence, unconditional love and selfless service towards fellow beings across all species.

In Mohanji’s words, “True wealth comes from what we give to this earth, not from what we take”.

Mohanji is also the founder of various non-profit organisations that act as platforms for people to express their kindness and compassion through selfless acts that add value to society. These include Ammucare Charitable Trust (India), ACT Foundation (Worldwide), Act4Hunger, Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, Languages, Dance and Martial Arts, World Consciousness Alliance and the Early Birds Club.

Mohanji’s website
Mohanji’s Facebook profile


Acharya Ragamayananda Avadhuta (Dada)

Country: Europe and India

Born in Varanasi, India, Dada started his spiritual journey in his early teens, and at the age of eighteen he became a monk of Ananda Marga.

Since then he has been active in social work, running schools and homes for children in India, and later he became a trainer for aspiring monks. He was the head of Ananda Marga Acharya training center in Sweden for many years, and now he is responsible for coordinating the social work of Ananda Marga in Europe.


Dr. Vikas Saxena

Country: India, Hyderabad

Dr. Vikas Saxena is a Distinguished Scientist and Former Director, Defense Research & Development Organizations (DRDO), Ministry of Defense, Government of India, at Hyderabad, India. He specializes in aerospace materials, aircraft design, accident analysis and prevention and structure integrity technologies for defense platforms for four decades. He has very intense interest from his childhood in spiritualism and tried to understand its various philosophies both through theoretical and practical aspects. Despite being his intense involvement in his scientific research and directing various defence and military related projects, he had parallelly continued his original passion for spiritualism at his pace. During this spiritual journey, always being only a novice open-minded disciple, he has been very fortunate to interact several Gurus from Buddhism, Vedantic, and Yogic philosophies of varied lineages. More recently, he has developed deep interest in exploring ancient science and technology hidden in ancient Indian scriptures in Sanskrit language. He has also been attempting to understand subjective spiritual experiences and their unification through modern physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics and their physio-psychological effects through cell biology, energy channels and neuroscience. As a defence scientist, he always felt extreme need of ethics in defence in modern warfare and hope a possibility of emergence of universal peace in World through spiritualism which is very much ingrained in our Indian philosophy.


Michiko Hayashi

Country: Japan

Michiko Hayashi, Global Director and Ambassador of “EMOTO PEACE PROJECT” NonProfit Organization, born in Japan, whose father was a chief Buddhist priest. She learned to be humble, honest, diligent, and compassionate from who he was. She has a B.A. from a university in the USA with foreign language major (fluent in Japanese, English and Spanish). She worked at the Ministry of Transportation in Costa Rica in 1980 – 1981 before graduating from the US university.

Between March 2004 and October 2014, she worked as an administrative personal assistant to Dr. Masaru Emoto until his transition in 2014. He was the founder of the Emoto Peace Project, the pioneer of HADO (vibration), researcher of water, and author of world best-seller “The Message from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, etc. She is the successor of Emoto Peace Project, distributes children’s book “The Message from Water” for free to children, and gives lectures to all generations to teach water memory and that our consciousness creates realities as well as sharing the importance of living positively, kindly and with respect based on love and gratitude through “The Message from Water” to make the world a harmonious and peaceful place. The children’s book “The Message from Water” has been translated into 34 languages.

Emoto Peace Project website


Dr Preeti Kohli

Country: India

Dr. Preeti Kohli, B.H.M.S, has been a consulting Homeopathic Physician for over 20 years and a Transformational Coach for over 11 years. She currently serves as one of the Founding Members & Director at The Aha Movement. Through her work, she has touched thousands of lives and has successfully conducted over 200 workshops in alternative healing therapies. She was introduced to meditation and mindfulness at the age of 15. Her keen interest to understand the body-mind-soul connect and help people grow holistically led her towards learning and practicing other root cause therapies like Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Re-birthing Breath-work, and Family Constellation. One of her passions is to work with parents and kids. She also volunteers to teach meditation for children at schools through the Soul Science Foundation

The Aha Movement’s Facebook page



Country: from Norway, lives in Australia, Brisbane

Jasmuheen is Ambassador of Peace, founder – Embassy of Peace, international lecturer and online course facilitator. Artist and Sacred Art Retreat facilitator; film-maker and musician. Author of 42 books in 19 languages. Researcher into Source Feeding – also known as Pranic Living or living on light and the breatharian agenda. President of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – Bangalore, India; Self Empowerment Academy founder and Cosmic Internet Academy facilitator.

Jasmuheen’s main service agenda is the raising of consciousness to co-create a healthy, harmonious world. A meditator for over 44 years, the lifetime President of the GCSS in India, Jasmuheen, specialises in deep inner plane journeys using the alchemical meditative process to allow people to merge even deeper with their own enlightened nature. As an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace, she has travelled constantly since 1994 and achieved many positive things in the world with her work with tribal cultures in Colombia, the Amazons and also the slums in Brazil plus working with various levels of government including presenting her work again at the UN in Vienna in 2013.
Through this time she has been instrumental in helping to educate millions into better global resource usage via developing a stronger connection to the Divine resource within and since 1993 has been personally nourished by prana and for over 27 years has lived without the need to take physical food.

In her tour time each year she shares updates into her research on this, plus provides deeper connections and insights into the Essence Ocean and its Pure Love channel, that feeds us all, plus shares insights on our current evolutionary status on earth according to the Divine Feminine and the Light Beings she works with and much more.

Jasmuheen also has blended with her future life as a Commander with the Intergalactic federation of Worlds and is trained in Interdimensional Energy field Science. A deeply peaceful person, Jasmuheen is light, entertaining and always filled with love and her gatherings are always inspirational!

Jasmuheen’s website


François Gerland

Country: France

François Gerland has spent his life pursuing the mysteries of an enlarged state of consciousness where accessing the subconscious and superconscious are harnessed to achieve his ideal of universal brotherhood as taught by his spiritual Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. He has helped countless people heal trauma, transform their lives and find empowerment and has trained professionals to do the same. His sense of humour is his special ingredient as he weaves his magic through a professional career as a commercial pilot, global advocate, pioneer and leader in how to create a thriving human family and planet starting from even before conception. François and his wife, Julie, are co-creators of the global movement Birthing The New Humanity and the BirthTheChange® programmes. His work has earned him an honorary doctorate in Holistic Medicines.

Birthing The New Humanity website


Dan Winter

Age : 68

Country: USA

Dan Winter’s background spans a broad spectrum of disciplines. He graduated with honors from University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, receiving B.A. in Electrical Engineering and Psychophysiology in 1974. Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer. He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT Space Lab, as x-ray astronomy analyst, to developing the early biofeedback prototype equipment as Dr. Albert Ax’s protégé. In 1976, he joined Gurdjieff School, Claymont Society For Advanced Studies, Charleston, West Virginia, to learn Spiritual Psychology, Comparative Religions and Sacred Gymnastics. He was lucky to spend some time with and learn from Itzhak Bentov and Buckminster Fuller.

Dan is a prolific writer and an author of numerous books. Through the years, he has lectured on the evolution of consciousness, sacred geometry and coherent emotion. He founded many projects on these subjects, including Science of Peacemaking, The Origin of Negentropy (golden ratio phase conjugation to the Planck sphere),  Peacemaking in Brainwaves (EEG meditation app), Peacemaking in Heartwaves (coherence of heartbeats), or Negentropy in Plasma, to mention only the latest.

Dan’s main website – http://peaceuniversity.net/ (links to all projects there)

Dan’s YouTube channel


Jose Antonio Fernandez

Age: 43

Country: Spain

Jose Antonio Fernandez was born in 1978 in Madrid. He studied political sciences and production of television programs. After that he worked for TV news and famous TV fiction series as a realization staff.

For the last 5-6 years, he is committed to the studies on the Alexandre Eleazar’s books: “Los Bere”, “Los Paios” and “La Bibele”, investigating the links between etymology of words in many languages with the unknown history of humankind. Eleazar, a descendant of Romanov family, focused his research on the ancient language Elengoa, which allowed him to translate inscriptions on many ancient artefacts, revealing a new knowledge of past times. Fernandez is very devoted to tracking discrepancies between official version of history we know from schools and the new fact revealed by the discovery and translation from Elengoa language. Basing on this, he tries to find the origins of lies about the past and current world, and reasons behind covering of some important past events by the influential ones.


Vedveer Arya

Age: 51

Country: India, New Delhi

Vedveer Arya is a chronologist, historian and Sanskrit scholar. He is a civil servant and Joint Secretary level officer from the Ministry of Defence and presently working as Additional Financial Advisor and Joint Secretary in Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), New Delhi. His deep interest in epigraphic studies propelled him to become a methodical researcher with profound insights in the chronological history of ancient India. He authored five books: “Indian Contributions to Mathematics and Astronomy” (2014), “The Chronology of Ancient India: Victim of Concoctions and Distortions” (2015), “The Chronology of India: From Manu to Mahabharata” (2020), “The Chronology of India: From Mahabharata to Medieval Era” in Two volumes (2020) and “The Origin of the Christian Era: Fact or Fiction” (2020).

Vedveer Arya’s page on Academia.edu


Judyth Vary Baker

Country: USA

Judyth Vary Baker is a former cancer researcher who was used by the CIA during the Cold War in New Orleans, USA, to assist in the development of a biological weapon to give cancer to Fidel Castro. She also became involved with CIA contract agent Lee Harvey Oswald, later to be falsely accused of killing President John F. Kennedy. Oswald was shot dead only two days after Kennedy was killed, in front of more than 700 Dallas police.

Judyth’s book “LEE HARVEY OSWALD AND ME” (Silver Bullet Publications, 2021) has sold over 100,000 copies. Her other published books include “Kennedy & Oswald: The Big Picture”, “David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot”, and her AI-warning science fiction book, “Letters to the Cyborgs”, plus a related novella, “The Last Vaccine” (Trine Day Publishers). Judyth has spent 15 years in Sweden, where she studied Sweden’s “Middle Way” and Sweden’s refusal to go to war.

She has a B.S. (U of Texas, Houston) in forensic and cultural anthropology, an M.A. in Writing and Linguistics, and an ABD in Literature and Linguistics. She also has A.A. degrees in Medical Technology and Communications.

Judyth’s Facebook Page · Judyth’s YouTube channel


Crystal C.C. Goh

Country: United Kingdom and Malaysia

Crystal Goh, B.A.(Hons), MSc., is a certified hypnotherapist, evolutionary coach and speaker, FESIG founder and initiator. Crystal who currently lives in London, was a resource speaker (Mind-Mastery Coach, Mentor and Consultant for the CEOs) with Vistage.co.uk (The World’s Largest CEO Membership Organization) at TEC Asia. A qualified teacher, an entrepreneur, she was a WPP Group of companies’ PR Director and a Business Innovation Consultant to spiritual and health tourism projects, an interpretive master planner in generating, building and implementing visionary ideas. She developed her own spiritual 6-star spa resort project, the Aesculapian Sanctuary, a sustainable, alternative energy powered Spiritual Intelligence center. As a self-starter entrepreneur, she has set-up at least 5 companies whilst operating her own video/film production firm and a training facility in the past. As a passionate consciousness activist, she has founded and started a number of humanitarian and charitable initiatives, and has initiated fundraising campaigns and successfully raised money to help the underprivileged for >25 years.

Since young, she had learnt to meditate from Tibetan Lamas, Hindu yogis and spiritual gurus. A protege of The Father of Hypnosis, Dr. Gil Boyne and Gerald Kein since the early 90s, she pioneered in Hypnotism in Malaysia and was renowned there having taught self-hypnosis to thousands, she became a Mind-Mastery Coach for the CEOs, mentoring and coaching them on IQ, EQ, SQ in management.

Having resettled in the UK, she founded FESIG, the Free Energy Special Interest Group, in 2016 after initiating the True Vision of Peace. FESIG is a platform where Science meets Spirituality, to share ideas, knowledge, inform, update, discover, work together to develop and build futuristic technologies on alternative (free) energy, healing and human sustenance.

Crystal’s webpage 

FESIG webpage · FESIG Youtube channel · FESIG’s Facebook profile



Country: The Netherlands

Kian369 is a computer programmer by profession and has spent a lifetime to re-search the secret of anti-gravity. His personal biography is private for security reasons. In July 2021 he recorded a public notice to the extraterrestrial United Federation of Planets, challenging their secret interference with Earth: video here.

When Kian was asked to speak at the 93th meeting of the Free Energy Special Interest Group (FESIG) in October 2021 he presented the physics of anti-gravity, what later became the movie “Anti-gravity and the nature of the Universe”.

He also sent a warning to the controllers of earth, which includes both terrestrial Cabal and extraterrestrial races. The warning states that leading humanity into the current world events is a violation of the Cosmic law of Free Will, and will result in karmic suffering beyond their imagination: video here.

Kian’s Odysee channel


Julie Gerland

Country: France

Following a profound enlightenment experience at the age of 16 Julie has spent her life empowering people to access their deep authentic Self. On discovering the Teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov at the age of 22, she dedicated her life to changing the global paradigm on the life-long impact of early prenatal development. Her advocacy at the United Nations culminated in this change through the groundbreaking document, Nurturing Care: A Framework for Early Childhood Development. She is an inspiring visionary, thought-leader, pioneer, teacher, international lecturer and advocate. Julie and her husband, François, are creating the global movement Birthing The New Humanity and BirthTheChange® programmes. Julie has received several international awards, an honorary doctorate, appeared in the media, TEDx and co-authored three award-winning celebrity anthologies.

Birthing The New Humanity website

UN document- Nurturing Care


Smrithi Adinarayanan

Country: India

Smrithi Adinarayanan is the co-founder of Anaadi Foundation and Dharma Gurukulam. She is dedicated to Loka Sangraha (Global Well-being). The Anaadi Foundation offers various spiritual and social programs. Education, Well-being, Sustainability and Culture are the focus areas at Anaadi Foundation. Details can be found at the website anaadi.org.

Anaadi Foundation website


Meena Bindal

Country: India

Meena prefers to share only what she has learned on Earth through her self realization. In her own words:
“Everything that belongs to me is temporary: my name, my degrees, achievements. Or it is all to show to others. It means the world outside want to know my temporary collocation on Earth. Not want to see who am I. My profile what can be. Which takes me away from who am I. It takes me away from my co-travelers. Because I have certain collection.

If I look at my certificate and degrees, they would say to me, I am not learning.
Only I can say here: I am a student who is learning. When my lesson here will be over. I am no more here. Only the learning and self realization – this is what I am sharing.”

Heriditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Phil Lane Jr., Hereditary Chief

Age: 77

Country: Canada

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human, community, and economic development.

During the past 54 years, Chief Lane has worked with Indigenous Peoples from the Americas, Micronesia, South East Asia, China, India, Hawaii, and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (1980-1996). In 1982, Chief Lane co-founded the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII) with Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Leaders. As well, Phil is Chairman of Four Directions International and Compassion Games International.

Chief Lane has been the recipient of multiple awards and recognition. He was the first indigenous person to win the prestigious Windstar Award, presented annually on behalf of the late John Denver and the Windstar Foundation. In 2000, he received the Year 2000 Award for Freedom and Human Rights awarded by the Swiss Foundation. Other winners of this award include Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai, the Dalai Lama, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and Yevgeni Velikhov, Vice President, Soviet Academy of Sciences.

In 2008, Chief Lane received the Ally Award presented by the Center for Healing Racism. Particular emphasis for this award was for his dedicated work, for more than 19 years, as one of the key Indigenous leaders in the resolution of Canada’s Residential School issue, which involved the sexual, physical, cultural, psychological, and emotional abuse of thousands of Aboriginal children in Canada. The process resulted in a more than $4 billion settlement for Residential School survivors.

On August 15, 1992, in recognition of his hereditary lineage of leadership and longtime service to Indigenous Peoples and the Human Family, Indigenous Elders from across North America recognized Phil as a Hereditary Chief of the Hinhan Wicasa and Deloria Tiospayes of the Ihanktonwan Nation, through a Traditional Headdress Ceremony.

Chief Lane currently serves as a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, (AISES), Council of Elders. He is the host of the Shift Network’s  Global Indigenous Wisdom Summits. As well, Chief Lane is an Honorary International Advisor to the Help Foundation of the Beijing Women’s and Children’s Development Foundation and is a co-founder and Global Trustee of the United Religions Initiative.

In 1982, with Indigenous elders and spiritual leaders from across North America,  Chief Lane founded the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII). FWII became an independent Institute in 1995. With Chief Lane’s guidance and applied experience, FWII has become an internationally recognized leader in human, community, and economic development because of the Institute’s unique focus on the importance of culture and spirituality in all elements of development. 


Moughenda Mikala, Missoko Bwiti Shaman

Country: Gabon

Moughenda Mikala is a 10th-generation Missoko Bwiti Shaman with over 22 years of training and a total of 30 years of experience. As a Missoko Bwiti Shaman, Moughenda was trained on all 5 of the branches of Bwiti, which are Ngonde – Screening/Diagnostic, Miobe – herbs, plants and use, Seguedia – Knowledge and Creation, Boussouka – Protection, Maboundi – Empowering Women. Missoko Bwiti is the only one offering training in all of these traditional practices.

Moughenda’s life purpose is to spread Iboga’s profound healing to our ailing world. This mission has taken him from his home country of Gabon and around the globe, providing the sacred root to thousands. Now back in Africa, Moughenda and his village implement traditional Bwiti Shamanic practices, utilizing his unique understanding of the different minds of the outside world.

Moughenda also speaks English, French, and Spanish making it easy for most guests to truly learn the teachings during their stay.

Iboga Reatreat Center website


Trilo Sunyogi Baba Shrestha (A.K.A. Trilobaba)

Country: Nepal

Trilo Sunyogi Baba Shrestha gives a testimony about Sunyoga changing his life (YouTube link).

Trilibaba will be a speaker at UPC 2022 in the Healing Nature session.


Bhavana Gesota

Country: India and USA

Bhavana Gesota is an artist, author, thinker, technology professional, yoga and meditation practitioner, and a world traveler. She was born and raised in Pune, India but has spent the last twenty-five years working and living in the USA and Europe. She holds a Double Master’s degree in Social Sciences with a specific focus on the dialectics between society, economy, politics, and environment in a globalized world from the University of Freiburg, Germany, and the University of Kwa-Zule Natal, Durban, South Africa. She wrote her Master’s thesis on Ecovillages as Models for Sustainable Development, which presented case studies of three eco-villages in Europe. These twenty-five years have provided her ample opportunities for encountering different cultures, spiritual philosophies/cosmologies, and indigenous/ancient traditions and wisdom and reflecting on the state of humanity on our Planet Earth. As a sum culmination of her learnings over these 25 years and perhaps more, she considers creative expression and cultivating a connection to Mother Earth as equally important parts in the path of cultivating higher states of consciousness without which we may not be able to resolve the problems we have created on our Earth.

Bhavana’s author website
Bhavana’s artist website
Instagram · LinkedIn


Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya

Country: Poland, near Jordanów

Tucked deep in the foothills of the Tatra Mountains, in southern Poland, you find Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage, a centre for healing and refuge in these tumultuous times. Established in 1995, with the focus of creating a self-sufficient Homa farm and functional community, Bhrugu Aranya has come along way over the years. Bhrugu Aranya is a blossoming International Ecovillage, the only one of its kind in Poland. Since 1995, our ecological farm has grown into an expanding community of several families with people of all ages, all of whom are dedicated to healing the environment. Our ecovillage is also an educational centre for learning about Homa Therapy in its many applications in an experiential way. Here at Bhrugu Aranya, you can participate in Homa Organic Gardening, Self-development, healing, meditation and exploring one’s true creative potential.

Our vision is for a global Ecovillage, people from varying cultures, races and religions all working together to save our beloved Mother Earth. We envision our Ecovillage manifesting into a powerful place where healing, organic farming, sustainable lifestyle and creative expression through arts and music will find their home. Now more then ever, there is a need to return to ways of existing in harmony with nature and our fellow living beings.

Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya website

Ecovillage team


Project Eternity

Country: India, the foothills of the Himalayas

Project Eternity is a futuristic model of Live, Work, Innovate, and Spiritually evolving system. It is a place of Alchemical Transformation for Leaders and their generations that merge Business, Wealth, Legacy, Innovation, Technology, and Ancient Spiritual Wisdom into a “System” that builds Innovative business models and the next generation of conscious business leaders.

Project Eternity: The Design
An entire township ( Smart Eco Ashram) that is built based on Sacred Geometry – the Flower of Life. Sacred Geometry, Platonic Solids, and the Flower of Life resemble the Universal Energy or Chi. Remember – “may the Force be with you?”. This is the force, which contains the template of Universal Design that flows in every living being, the heavens, and everything that embodies creation and life.

Human Conscious Design:
The design resonates with Human Consciousness so that it serves as an energy grid of free-flowing energy. This has been known for ages, which is why the ancient civilizations built structures (which were, albeit, destroyed) that were precisely built to communicate with the universe, the astral planes, and other realms of energy through what is called Solar Light.

The Power of 7
7 petals signify the 7 levels of consciousness. Each petal is designed as an area of existence of human living and activity. Let us explore every petal of conscious living below.

Project Eternity is located in 4 mountains in the foothills of the Himalayas (Nainital/India), in pristine nature and tranquility, unaffected by civilization and miles of land/natural water bodies, with mountainous energy, forests, and gorgeous weather that heals you. Wake up and watch the sunrise in the Himalayas from your bedroom. Untouched by climate change, it is Nirvana!

Project Eternity website


Dr. Nitin Nayak, MD

Country: India

Dr. Nitin Nayak, MD, is an eco spiritual leader, integrated medicine physician, certified yoga teacher and NLP trainer, NFNLP USA.

He is founder of AHA, Anubhuti Healing Awareness programs using bodywork, Tao Tibetan yoga and movement meditation for healing and awakening. He leads sexuality and awakening workshops using spiritual and emotional release. A pioneer in body wisdom and psychology, he utilizes body as tool for emotional healing. As an integrative doctor, he uses western and eastern modalities like rebirthing, emotional release, EFT, deep tissue myofascial therapy, medical Qi Gong, spa and bodywork therapies, movement, art, sound and dance, Tao Tibetan practices and meditations.


Dr. Vaidya Milan Bhatt

Country: India

Vaidya Milan Bhatt is an Ayurveda Practitioner since 1993. He completed his graduation from G.K Ayurved Mahavidhyalay, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. He had been giving his services at Banglore, Jaipur, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Lucknow and Kanpur centers. Presently he is giving his services at Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Surat and Mumbai cities.

He will share his email during the conference, so all people seeking medical advise or interested in Ayurveda, can contact him directly.


Dr. Boris Dragin

Country: Sweden

Boris Dragin started his studies in Chinese Medicine in mid 70’s. Over time, he has improved his expertise by including elements from modern Western Medicine (often referred to as Functional Medicine). 

In both these modalities, there are popular holistic philosophies applied for analysing of the cause of a disease in a patient. It is a clear advantage to be able to observe a patient first from the ‘The Chinese Medicine’ perspective before moving on to the Functional Medicine perspective. The result is a synthesis, as in Integrative Medicine, where you have many different modalities available for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Boris’ website


Sonal Jain Baid

Country: India

Sonal Jain is the founder of Maayu, Ekin Earth And Sustainable Earth Foundation, established based on her groundbreaking work in Aura Herbal Textiles Ltd patented process of using medicinal plants and herbal ingredients for industrial application on textiles. SEF is a resource center that works further on creating & sharing the best environmental and social practices from farm to finish in a sustainable textile industry supply chain. Sustainable Earth Foundation works with farmers, artisans, small manufacturers, and organizations to incorporate the same.

She regularly consults on best Sustainable practices in the fashion industry, across the value chain. Mentors students and young entrepreneurs, guest speakers and lecturers, and jury members in various design institutes. Mother of 2 adults. she is an ardent follower of a naturalist lifestyle, on a journey of holistic well-being in her personal and professional life.

Maayu & Ekin Earth work on solutions for non-toxic intimate clothing, textiles, and lifestyle solutions.
Sonal mentors students and startups for sustainable practices & is a consultant for sustainable manufacturing processes.


Patel Dhaval Suryakant

Country: India

Patel Dhaval Suryakant graduateed as Bachelor of Commerce from Sardar Vallabhbhai University, India. He has been involved in Nature Club movement of WWF-India since 1982, from the age of 12.

Patel is a Founder Member and Managing Trustee of Vidyanagar Nature Club, VNC. VNC has arranged environment camps for students of several schools and colleges of Anand & Vidyanagar. VNC has conducted education workshops on snakes, in which more than 300,000 students have participated. 34 years of professional experience in the field of Environmental Conservation. Successfully lead 37 projects pertaining to environment education, awareness, and wildlife conservation. Recipient of 7th VNM Environmental Excellence Award in NGO category. Have trained approximate 650 + Volunteers, who are in turn training many more. The outreach of camps, training program is approximately 300,000+ number of people. VNC has carried out “Save Whale Shark” campaign along with WTI, in which more than 21,000 students were educated. VNC has carried out successful campaign for introducing pollution control regulations for industries in Anand – Vidyanagar region. VNC has organized public campaign against cutting of trees in Vallabh Vidyanagar. VNC is accredited by GEF Global Environment Facilities, Washington DC USA. VNC is member NGO of SAYEN, South Asia Youth and Environment Network.

He has been invited for five times to Japan, by organization headed by Ex. Prime Minister of Japan and other parliament members. Dhaval Patel has attended conferences, in October 2005, again in June 2006, held at Tokyo, Japan and presented a paper on the activities of VNC. Furthermore, he attended (as observer) 14th ECO-ASIA (meeting of Environment Ministers of all countries from Asia and pacific region) on 24th June 2006, held at Saitama city Japan. Attended meetings again in March 2007 May 2008 and in October 2009.

Member of WERN, wildlife rescue network of India. And several other wildlife related organizations. Have been member of Friend of Earth, International and many other conservation organizations. Has attended IUCN’s Crocodile Specialist Group world congress at Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA in 2014. Voluntary Nature Conservancy is also registered as 501C (3) Charity in USA.

Patel held the following honorary posts: Managing Trustee: Vidyanagar Nature Club; Joint Secretary & Co-opted Member: Working Committee Charotar Grammoddhar Shakari Mandal Ltd.; Secretary & Trustee: Bhaikaka Foundation; Trustee: Sardar Vallabhbhai Trust; Honorary wildlife warden, Anand District; Co-opted member ‘Animal Welfare Board of India’, Gujarat region; Voluntary Nature Conservancy, USA.


Prashant Bhatt

Country: India

Prashant Bhatt has done Graduate in Law and Masters in Business Administration in International Marketing. He is currently working with Government of Uttar Pradesh state, one of the most populous state of India in the finance department as a finance advisor. As a spiritual practitioner his journey started at the age of 14 since then the journey continues. He has completed Level-4 of Sunyoga, he is also level 3 teacher of Sunyoga he takes classes regularly in different places in India successfully and spread the message of Universal Peace. He has done research in various fields and came up with very vital solutions for the society.


Shyam Kumar Bhatt

Country: India

Shyam Kumar Bhatt, MSc Mathematics and ex-bureaucrat (PCS OFFICER).

He has been practising SAHAJ MARG for around 44 years. His spiritual journey began at the age of 16. Sahaj Marg is a Sanskrit term meaning Natural Path, form of Raja Yoga. It teaches that heart is also the centre of spiritual system like mind, where our inner condition is purified. He has always followed words said by his master Pujya Babu ji Maharaj:
“God is infinite yet simple, so the path to reach him must be simple. By proper regulation of heart and mind, through meditation, one can evolve to the highest”.

Shyam will present at UPC 2022 in the Yoga session the Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the Sahaj Marg practice, based on his 44-years experience.


Ramdas Tikamdas

Country : Malaysia

Ramdas Tikamdas is an Advocate & Solicitor, a registered Arbitrator as well as a Mediator. He is the former President of the National Human Rights Society of Malaysia and has held various positions in consumer organisations. He was initiated into Shiv Yog and Kriya Yoga in 2010 and Sunyoga in 2012. He has completed Level 4 of Sunyoga and is also a Level 2 Teacher. Has also learnt Vedic Astrology. Since the initiations, is continuing with Meditation practices with the guidance of the Masters.