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The Organization

Universal Peace Centre is a Non-Profit organization based in India, and founded by Sunyogi Umasankar.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower each individual to uncover their purpose, guiding humanity toward Universal Peace, Universal Unity, and Universal Brotherhood through Wisdom.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for humanity to unite as one big family and live in peaceful harmony with Nature.


Universal Peace Centre was created in Lachipur, West Bengal, India in 1998 but was officially registered in 2010.


Empowerment: We prioritize holistic well-being, embracing diverse approaches to treatment without discrimination. We aspire to empower individuals to flourish and attain optimal health across physical, emotional, mental, vital, and spiritual dimensions. We cultivate toxic-free environments that nurture inner peace and self-confidence, fostering self-dependence and sustainability as a collective commitment. 

Respect: We foster a culture of unconditional love, compassion, and inclusivity, honoring and celebrating the unique contributions of every individual. We especially recognize the wisdom and resilience of those from whom we learn, including our society’s marginalized, vulnerable, and essential builders.

Education: We shape moral character with wisdom as our ultimate pursuit. Our teaching embodies a blend of love and discipline guided by realized educators. We prioritize experiential learning over rote memorization, single-minded focus over multi-tasking, and acceptance over judgment. Aiming for expanded awareness for peace, prosperity, and innovative thinking in all aspects of life.

Heart: We embrace the heart as our compass in decision-making, guided by conscience and committed to doing our best in every circumstance. Surrendering to the wisdom of Nature, we see ourselves as instruments of its intelligence, driven by a sense of responsibility to protect humanity. Our actions are motivated solely by a selfless heart, detached from profit or recognition.

Nature: We recognize the inherent intelligence of nature and strive to minimize our impact on it. Advocating for responsible resource management and environmental sustainability, we seek to leave a positive legacy for future generations. Through promoting self-sufficiency, environmental protection, and community empowerment, we honor and preserve the delicate balance of the natural world.


Founders: Sunyogi Umasankar and Bimola Bag

Leadership team:

President – Sunyogi Umasankar

President in charge – Smita Chatterjee

Secretary – Parash Mondal

Treasurer: Sakti Sadhan Roy

Trustees: Bikash Chakraborty, Tapas Chakraborty, Batul Maji, Ram Gopal Bag, Prasanta Naskar, Somesh Chakraborty, Gouri Sankar Bag

Staff: Asid Bag (Ghosala worker), Swapan Tamang (Driver), Prasenjist Sasmal (Office), Mira Das (Cleaning), Doctor Ketoki Ghosh (Homepathy), Probash Chakraborty (Puja), Gita Harh (Cook).


Sunoga workshops

Acupressure workshops

Blood Donation Camps

Medical Camps

Trees, Clothes, Seeds, Books and Food distribution

Naro Naryan Seva





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